petek, 05. avgust 2016


I am back! Miss me? I have been gone for less than 5 days.

Actually I spent this week by the sea in a hotel called Žusterna with my grandmother. We had so much fun. It was great. The most memorable thing I will forever remember is that every night we got a frozen yoghurt and it was delicious. You know me, I need to have my food and I am happy. I missed my dog the most, you know he comes first, but I missed blogging too. I got so used to blogging and thinking about blog, I felt kinda lost this week. Whenever I was super happy or I had the cutest picture, I wanted to post it here haha. Typical me. But I made a deal to not bring my Bobbi2 (my computer) with me and juts have fun. I think I did alright, but I did post on Instagram. Let me post a few pretty pictures now, so I can finally breathe again. I actually don't know any bloggers anymore that do blog. When I started I was hanging around with quite a few people, I even made some people make a blog, but everybody, for some reason or another, quit on blogging. The fact that I can't even imagine not posting pretty pictures for you is crazy. I will probably be a 90 year old grandma and still blogging. Haha, yay me!

Come on, I hate filters, but this is cute. Admit it!
I probably have 10.000 pictures of me and Ana together.
This is me, trying to show off the beautiful sunset.

Okay, so now you know. I was away because I was on vacation and we are back on track tomorrow with a new and actually useful blog. Okay, bye.
- love, E

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  1. Hi Eva! First of all, thank you for following me on Bloglovin, so sweet of you!
    This is my first time on your blog, and I just love it! You're so beautiful, girl!. I'm glad you had a great time on vacation, especially being able to stay away from tech for a while. Loved your pictures! I hate filters as well but that pic is so lovely, haha.
    Will definitely stick around, already followed you on bloglovin as well :)
    Hope you have a lovely day, Selene.

    1. Thank you Selene, youre super nice :) I am glad that we now follow eachother. Have a great weekend! Love, Eva ♥