ponedeljek, 26. september 2016


ponedeljek, 26. september 2016


So many people want me to fail and so many want to see me suffer and just be down. And I am really sorry, but I am going to make this really hard for you. People are allowed to suffer, you know that right? There are so many bad things that made me the way I am. So many labels covering my eyes. You know like those pictures where there is a black line covering someones eyes and then there is a word written on it, like 'depressed', 'lonely', 'gay' or something like that. Well, I have loads of labels, and sometimes I really feel down about it. And that is okay.

I was not planed. I was not wanted. My dad never really cared to the point that he would make an effort in any way and my supposedly soul mate left me because I was not smart enough. See how many labels are mentioned here already? Quite a lot and I could continue, but to be honest... I am not defined with those labels. Bad things that happened to me don't tell anything about me but that I survived them and that they made me tougher as a person.

If you want to make me sad with comments or if you are in any way jealous with what I do and who I am, I can assure you that the only effect you give is me looking at you differently. You don't bring me down, 90% of the time, but you make me question about you. About your kindness, about your personality and I am confused, because I don't understand where are you coming from. I could sit here for days and tell you stories about my life that would make you feel empty inside, but I am not going to do it, because life is not about hard times. It is about turning hard times to great ones. And living life to the fullest. So many people are just sitting there and judging my decisions and trying to make me quit and stuff like that. One thing I am most annoyed with is definitely shipping me with my ex. Are you crazy people? How can you ship me with someone who left me and didn't come back? You don't understand, I made the decision to be happy instead of miserable and you ship me with my worst self? No. You have to understand that.

Being here and realising that loving yourself first and just being happy is the most important thing. And whenever I am talking to any of you, I try to tell you that, because you don't believe in yourself enough. And that hurts me. Sometimes I should take my own advice, I know, but lately I have been really happy. Happier than ever. And I am sick of people treating me like I am here to be judged, because I am not. You can judge me if you want, but I promise you that it doesn't hurt. At all. It hurts you more.

Never been more grateful for anything more than all the people that fight for me and for people who talk to me everyday because they think I am interesting. And for special someone who asks me how I am feeling and what I am doing. It is so simple, but so important. Truly happy that I have so many great friends who are there for me. :) So, here is the deal, you can try to bring me down, but you won't succeed. Ever.

Eva the disaster.
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ponedeljek, 19. september 2016


ponedeljek, 19. september 2016



Okay, yeah I found a perfect day to post about him, because he just won an Emmy for best drama actor in Mr. Robot.

The first time I saw Remi on TV was when I saw Need For Speed and immediately I got a feeling that he is a really cool guy. He has that special something on him, I think its the eyes, they are really nice. But the nicest thing about this guy is his behind, I am sorry but its true haha, just watch Need For Speed, you will understand.

Currently I am binge watching Mr. Robot and the fact that I got an urge to start learning about how to hack into someones computer is just a great proof that it is a great TV series, because it makes you feel like you want to be part of it.

I just googled Rami Malek Need For Speed naked and my mom came into my room, and she said nothing, she just left. Okay I would love to post his butt here, but since there are a lot of little kids reading my blog, I am just going to post this awesome picture of him.

Anyway, Rami is really talented, that I can say, and if I may command you to watch something, you should really watch Mr. Robot. It is one hell of a TV series and it makes you think about everything. Its a good kind of think. Even if its not a very happy Tv show.

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I am really sorry for my sarcastic answers. Sarcasm is my number one defence. Anyway, thank you for questions and I am sorry if your question won't be featured in this blog, I sometimes forget them and it has been a long time since my last Q&A and some of them were not even questions. Okay, let's get to it then, shall we?! :)

How many animals do you have now?
- My dog Thor and three tortoises.

Why did you delete so many blog posts?
- Hmm, why do you think I did it? Okay, I will answer this. I deleted it, because three years of my life were not revolving around me, but someone else, and I just hated that I wasted so much time writing them for someone who didn't deserve it, when I could be writing about important things and work on myself and my life.

Why did you stop posting 'song of the day/week'?
- Errm, not sure. I can bring that back, if you want.

Where do you get your inspiration for blogging and making stories?
- Honestly, I scroll We Heart It a lot and I am a Youtube queen and 9gag is my second life. But my stories are just based on my day and whats going on in my mind.

Are you a good or a bad girl? 
- Who's your mommy? Haha sorry

Which blogpost is your favourite?
- Oh, hmm.. I would say that either 'Cause I don't belong in a world where we don't end up together. I don't or maybe even Tragedy. That is really hard for me to answer because I am of course going to pick two of the most heartbreaking posts, because I was really heart broken and writing was hard and I feel like that this two posts were my breaking points if I was going to quit blog or not. But my number one post was always My favourite two years - it was the most popular one and I literally gave my heart and soul into it, but I made it private. 

Do you think you are funny with your posts? You are not
- Yes. I mean... sometimes I don't want to be funny, but yeah.

Are your eyes fake? 
- Sure.

What are pros and cons of blogging? 
- pros: meeting fellow bloggers, getting your thoughts out, you meet some really lovely followers, you really get a backbone, making an impact on someone, getting opportunities that I would never get if I wasn't a blogger, money - which is not a reason to start blogging, but it sure helps.
-cons: you get insulted on a daily basis, sometimes people use you because they think that they will profit with you (they don't, trust me), you can say something and it sounds wrong to someone and then you are the bad guy, I would say that if you are angry and write about it and it can do some damage. 

Are you in love? & Dated anyone this year?
- Haha, well love is such a scary word, no. I am not in love, but I like someone.
- Nope.

Why archaeology?
- Why not? I like being dirty haha that sounds wrong. Whats up with me today. Errm, probably because it is as close to a scientist that I am able to get without actually studying bio, chem or physics (but I guess I will study all three hah). And as simple as it is - I really like it.

Have you heard 21 pilots Cancer song?
- Duuh! Twenty One Pilots is my life.

Pick one famous guy for you.
- HAHAHA funny joke. 
- Jasper Frost
- Lip Gallagher
- Joe Cole
- Marshall Eriksen
- Robert Sheehan
- Tyler Joseph
- James Cook
- Tom Harlock
- Joey Kidney
- Brendon Urie & his wife
- I'll stop, but I have more.

Okay, thats it for today!
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sreda, 14. september 2016


sreda, 14. september 2016


What I really wanted to blog about is my Summer. It was my first alone Summer in a while, but it was the best one so far. It started simple and exciting. My acceptance to University of Ljubljana and to be honest, I was expecting to be accepted, but it was still a great Summer start. It meant more to me than anything, because I really wanted to go since I am already a year behind my plans. Then something unexpected happened, I started supping. That soon became my number one thing to do and I bought Thor a Ruffwear Float Coat and we became supping buddies. Thor was afraid of water and I think that now he is almost used to it and goes inside on his own.

I went to Montenegro, to shoot videos for my Summer video, which will be uploaded to my Youtube channel next week and I am super excited for you to see it. I think you will be pleased. One big thing that happened is definitely my reunion with Nala, which went well I would say. She is just not my type of dog anymore to be honest. Also, this Summer I met some of the loveliest people on the planet. Dog and no-dog related people. Shoutout to all of you, because you really are amazing and you definitely made my Summer so super mega great. 

Can't even try to count the hours I spent outside on walks and adventures. Also, I don't remember when I ever did so much for myself than this year. I started doing Instagram stories (@epremk) and I started documenting things and I finally started editing videos and I got over so many negative people and events that weighted me down. Don't even let me tell you how much ice cream I ate. Not to mention how much Snickers ice cream changed my life haha. 

The big decision for me was to stop eating meat and take care of myself more. Yes, I am talking about you rheumatism. You sneaky disease. Also I went on a fruit/vegetable based diet with my friend, anyway, starting to take care of my health more. I used to hate water, could not drink it, because to me it tasted bad and now I got used to it and I drink at least 2l water per day, but I usually drink more than that. 

The biggest project so far is of course building our new house. Yes, you got the news here first, I am moving to Menges in 4 weeks. Around October 10th and we will have a fancy bathroom that I chose and I am still trying to find a perfect colour for my walls (my room). I am kinda into yellow, which I know I told you that is the colour I hate the most. Lately I have grown to like yellow, mainly because I have a pretty yellow rain coat and cute yellow sweater hah. Imagine vintage yellow with white polka dots. That sounds pretty. I stopped writing journal. That hit you hard right? Hah, you didn't even know I had a journal. Well, I decided to stop writing about my past days and just start writing about my future. So, me and Anja bought some very lovely notebooks and we are creating and defining what we really want and how to achieve it.

Movies and Tv series. That is something we have to discuss. Number one obsession was of course Suicide Squad. But main recommendations for you to watch are: movies - Revolutionary Road, A Long Way Down, Need For Speed and Love Me If You Dare. Tv series - Shameless US, The Royals, Mr. Robot, The Fosters and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (damn, emotional ride for AOS fans)

The food I ate the most this Summer is salted mashed avocado on bread and then egg on top. Also, Snickers ice cream as mentioned, salad and just a lot of watermelon.

I would really like to share this with all of you. Today I went to the doctor, to take some samples of my blood, so that then can test it and see how is my rheumatism doing. And if you didn't know already, I am horribly afraid of needles. SO, because now I am an adult, I had a whole preparation on how am I going to do it and I downloaded some really cool music and put my headphones on and I went inside on my own (without my mom, don't judge me you bastards, you go with your mom too, I know your kind:) I was practising my breathing, because my main problem with the whole thing is that I stop breathing and I get in a some weird shock and my veins will stop circulating blood and nothing will come out. So, the problem with this is my breathing. I am so afraid of it, I can't breathe. And today I did it myself and I managed to get two injections. Well, three people held me down but it was progress, I am really really brave and I think you should be proud of me. Thank you :)

Also, this Summer I really got to appreciate how certain music albums can change your whole mood and boost it up. If you want something really Summer-ish to listen, just listen to Jake Millers new album. I promise you, you can never regret listening to his amazing music. The biggest smile that I got this Summer was when Heathens was leaked and I heard it for the first time and I loved it so much I couldn't stop playing it. Well, yesterday Twenty One Pilots released Cancer, which is a cover from My Chemical Romance. And I can't breathe because it is so good, I don't want to go to sleep, because I want to listen to it non-stop. I am in love with it. Its is love. It is bigger than like.

My Summer was amazing, at first I thought that I was going to miss that trips that I took every year for a week and made videos about them. But it was alright. I don't need that to be happy and I don't need stupid people who would treat me bad, to survive, I am actually better off. And this Summer is really a good example and proof that I can honestly be happy again without him. And I am. I am happy, which is all that counts and matters. :) Love from Evs and we will see eachother very soon. Bye :)
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sobota, 10. september 2016


sobota, 10. september 2016


I have been inspired. My life has a whole new meaning and all I want to do is achieve my life goals and my dreams. One day it just hit me. I just had to do something bigger with my life. Something that I always wanted and something to make me the person I am destined to be. What I did was start small and I bough a notebook. Because I didn't really have defined plans and dreams, I started just by writing things I wanted down. And then it just happened. Somehow I end up writing goals and wishes and things to buy and tips&tricks and inspirations and people I want to work with and companies I admire and would love to connect with them for you guys and more. My life became more organised than what it was before. If you know me, you surely know that I am not random, I don't just stay in bed all day and do nothing, I have to create and put energy to things that I love. And for a moment there, I kinda lost myself and being on the right path again makes me so incredibly happy. So, now I am doing the things that I wrote down.

It is hard for me to understand people without goals in life. Sometimes I meet someone and they don't even know what they want to study and I find that hard to understand. Because I have goals so big, it makes me uncomfortable to tell them to small-minded people. If you want to be happy and successful, you have to loose the negative people in your life. And sometimes that could mean loosing a lot of people. But it is much better to be alone and feel like a success than to be in a relationship and feel like a failure all the time. And I know that I can achieve so much. 

The one person who truly inspires me so much every day is Gary Vaynerchuk aka Garyvee aka Dailyvee. I have to thank Anja for showing him to me, Anja you da best! He is keeping it real. Honestly, if you want to get your shit together and if you don't know how to start, just watch his videos. The key to what you should do is to just start. Create. Document. Do it. Ever since I started watching his motivational speeches, I just somehow created more than ever. One of the latest things I did is to start posting daily stories on my Instagram. By the way, if you want to follow me and basically if you want to see how my days are usually going, you should just follow me on Instagram. My username is @epremk. Also, because I am feeling so great I am always looking for great opportunities, I am talking to a few amazing people, who will make some dreams come true for my blog. 

Surrounding with people who will push me to do better was the best thing I have ever done. And letting go of those who weighted me down was the hardest, but I am so glad I did it. Sometimes I will fail and sometimes I will be let down, but I won't give up and I will try and try again and again and in the end I will succeed and I know that because it is the only thing I can count on. On me to make good decisions. 

The only thing I am afraid of is to plan it too much and not just going for it. But, I think that I am on the right path and I have Anja and Fila, who are so supportive of everything I do, so I think that we are going to do amazing things in life. Feel free to join me on my path. I have great plans for this blog and I think you will be pleased. 
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ponedeljek, 05. september 2016


ponedeljek, 05. september 2016


Today I am going to share some of my tips and tricks on how to blog like a professional, which I am not, I just like to pretend.

The Desk
You will have to invest and really buy a good desk that you think its perfect for blogging. Before I had this desk, I had a really big one and I just couldn't blog on that big surface, don't ask why - because there is a complex theory of my stupid brain behind it, so I blogged on my bed. It kinda worked for me - blogging on bed, but it surely can't be compared to this desk. If you like a lot of space, buy a big desk and if you are like me, just buy a small one. Mine is from Ikea and I bought two of them for each home, because I am in love with it. The only problem with this particular desk is that if you have a big computer, not laptop, you will probably not be able to put it on, because it has a roof. But it takes little space and it looks cute and vintage. Vintage is so my style. I can only cry when I think about my future house.

Ideas and brainstorming 
Being notebook-obsessed person, it is only right to plan and brainstorm before I actually write something that a lot of people will read. But to be completely honest here, when I am feeling down, I usually don't, I just write. But a lot of times, thats not the case. I have at least 10 notebooks to write things down. This one is just my newest favourite member. If I can tell you something about how to choose a perfect planner or notebook, I must mention that the key in picking one is thick pages. Of course it has to be beautiful and all, but the one thing most bloggers I know do, is highlighting and using colours and they normally write with pen. So, maybe invest in a good one - mine was 22 €, which is a lot of money for a notebook, that is not even a planner. But this year I decided that I will make my own personal planner and just put whatever I want in it. When you get a planner, just carry it around with you and when you will get a cool idea, just write it down and brainstorm on that idea and later on you will be able to make a better blog on it.

Treats and coffee
Recently I made a deal with my friend, to only eat fruit and vegetables and ice cream, so here you see only the good things I eat, don't take it that I only eat healthy, because I really don't. But one thing that helps me blog and just focus more is if I make myself something to eat. And of course coffee. I can't even blog without coffee, which is probably bad, but I like to sip it while I write. It became like a thing for me, before I write I make myself a cup of coffee and something yummy and then blog just writes itself hah. One thing that I would also highly suggest is to drink a lot of water, not because it will make you a better blogger, but it will make you feel better and you will blog better if you will feel alright. Yes, you will go pee at least 5 times, because coffee + water = peeing. But it is really good for you. *Not sponsored by Jana, but Jana bottles are amazing.

Good Camera
All I am telling you to do is to invest a lot of money into blogging, but it is true, if you want a good blog and good content, you will have to invest. And a good camera is probably the biggest investment and you will have to do it eventually. The first thing people see on your blog are pictures and if they are not pretty, they will click away and that is the sad truth, because your content could really be amazing, but it won't interest others because of bad photos. I try to always put pictures in a blog as well. I started with phone camera, then I bought Canon 1100D and now I have Canon 700D and underwater camera and fancy things. As you start you will have to really put your heart and soul into your blogs, so that you will be able to make that money back with blogging. But if it is what you like to do, then it is worth it.

Choose a good theme and template and name
Before I had a blog called Fire Meet Gasoline, it was just Eva Premk Monroe and it looked like this, haha it was white&black, because I thought that was fancy and it had tortoises on it. It sucked, basically. So, I learned to do HTML, even bought a professional to make a blog appearance for me and teach me a few tips&tricks, got my domain and spend weeks looking for a perfect blog name, to really capture my heart and soul. Damn it Sia, making my blog famous. Another very important thing to remember is to have a theme, which I don't, thats why I am not famous, and just be a beauty or lifestyle or baking blogger and have one day or two days per week sorted out just for posting your blogs. Unfortunately, quantity wins over quality. But don't sellout. Find what you like and do that.

When I blog, I always listen to music. Not many people can do that, but I can't do it without. My biggest tip here is to use headphones if you want to listen to music. Because you will be more focused, you wont listen to so many outdoor sounds and your mom, who will try to make you do the freaking dishes hah, shoutout to my mom! Well, you have to take time only for blogging. 

Find sponsors, but don't sellout
I will post a link up of my favourite page for finding sponsors and maybe you can check it out (not a sponsor, just a tip). If you want to make money out of blogging, you have to have sponsors and have a good audience. But do not, under any circumstances, sellout. If you do that, you will just go downhill from that. Recommend products that you like, shoutout to products and things and people, who are really good and don't spend your time writing a blog just to get some money. My best tip here is to just have a good idea for a video or for a post and find yourself sponsors. If you want to make a trip&blog or bake&blog or dog-related-stuff&blog just find brands that you like and send them an email and ask them if they would like to sponsor you. It is that easy.

That is it, for today, if you want me to make another blog post like this, maybe a part 2, just let me know and I am going to do it. Right now, I am going to take my buddy Thor out, and we will see eachother soon. Love you, bye! 
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nedelja, 04. september 2016


nedelja, 04. september 2016



This Summer I really made a step forward with my dog and his water fears and I went supping at leats 10 times. But I think it was more. The best spot in Slovenia to do that is, for sure, Lake Bohinj.

All my friends are dog lovers and we all went supping together a couple of times. Imagine that: 10 people, 10 dogs, 2 cars. It was fun. But honestly, if you are looking for an amazing activity with your dog, you have to try supping, it is amazing. And it is very important for your dog to swim anyway. I have a great solution if you are afraid that your dog wont swim or if he is afraid of water OR basically to make him last longer in the water. The best invention on the planet: Ruffwear K9 Float Coat. As you can see on the picture all of us have float coats for our dogs. Ruffwear is one of the best dog gear brands I can recommend. They didn't let us down with a single product.

The fact that it doesn't cost a lot of money to sup all day is another reason why you should just decide to try it out. Thor is afraid of water and he will not go in on his own, but to be honest, now he started showing signs to go in and he is not shaking so much because he is nervous. It is a great way to get rid of water fears and just socialise more. I will admit it, when we were in the water, not a single dog was aggressive to others (and we had 3 males together). I think that when something like this is happening, all dogs just focus more more or activity, rather than other people and distractions.

I have to make a shoutout to the girls who made those 3 pictures: Anja, Monika and Eva. 

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