nedelja, 04. september 2016



This Summer I really made a step forward with my dog and his water fears and I went supping at leats 10 times. But I think it was more. The best spot in Slovenia to do that is, for sure, Lake Bohinj.

All my friends are dog lovers and we all went supping together a couple of times. Imagine that: 10 people, 10 dogs, 2 cars. It was fun. But honestly, if you are looking for an amazing activity with your dog, you have to try supping, it is amazing. And it is very important for your dog to swim anyway. I have a great solution if you are afraid that your dog wont swim or if he is afraid of water OR basically to make him last longer in the water. The best invention on the planet: Ruffwear K9 Float Coat. As you can see on the picture all of us have float coats for our dogs. Ruffwear is one of the best dog gear brands I can recommend. They didn't let us down with a single product.

The fact that it doesn't cost a lot of money to sup all day is another reason why you should just decide to try it out. Thor is afraid of water and he will not go in on his own, but to be honest, now he started showing signs to go in and he is not shaking so much because he is nervous. It is a great way to get rid of water fears and just socialise more. I will admit it, when we were in the water, not a single dog was aggressive to others (and we had 3 males together). I think that when something like this is happening, all dogs just focus more more or activity, rather than other people and distractions.

I have to make a shoutout to the girls who made those 3 pictures: Anja, Monika and Eva. 

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