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What I really wanted to blog about is my Summer. It was my first alone Summer in a while, but it was the best one so far. It started simple and exciting. My acceptance to University of Ljubljana and to be honest, I was expecting to be accepted, but it was still a great Summer start. It meant more to me than anything, because I really wanted to go since I am already a year behind my plans. Then something unexpected happened, I started supping. That soon became my number one thing to do and I bought Thor a Ruffwear Float Coat and we became supping buddies. Thor was afraid of water and I think that now he is almost used to it and goes inside on his own.

I went to Montenegro, to shoot videos for my Summer video, which will be uploaded to my Youtube channel next week and I am super excited for you to see it. I think you will be pleased. One big thing that happened is definitely my reunion with Nala, which went well I would say. She is just not my type of dog anymore to be honest. Also, this Summer I met some of the loveliest people on the planet. Dog and no-dog related people. Shoutout to all of you, because you really are amazing and you definitely made my Summer so super mega great. 

Can't even try to count the hours I spent outside on walks and adventures. Also, I don't remember when I ever did so much for myself than this year. I started doing Instagram stories (@epremk) and I started documenting things and I finally started editing videos and I got over so many negative people and events that weighted me down. Don't even let me tell you how much ice cream I ate. Not to mention how much Snickers ice cream changed my life haha. 

The big decision for me was to stop eating meat and take care of myself more. Yes, I am talking about you rheumatism. You sneaky disease. Also I went on a fruit/vegetable based diet with my friend, anyway, starting to take care of my health more. I used to hate water, could not drink it, because to me it tasted bad and now I got used to it and I drink at least 2l water per day, but I usually drink more than that. 

The biggest project so far is of course building our new house. Yes, you got the news here first, I am moving to Menges in 4 weeks. Around October 10th and we will have a fancy bathroom that I chose and I am still trying to find a perfect colour for my walls (my room). I am kinda into yellow, which I know I told you that is the colour I hate the most. Lately I have grown to like yellow, mainly because I have a pretty yellow rain coat and cute yellow sweater hah. Imagine vintage yellow with white polka dots. That sounds pretty. I stopped writing journal. That hit you hard right? Hah, you didn't even know I had a journal. Well, I decided to stop writing about my past days and just start writing about my future. So, me and Anja bought some very lovely notebooks and we are creating and defining what we really want and how to achieve it.

Movies and Tv series. That is something we have to discuss. Number one obsession was of course Suicide Squad. But main recommendations for you to watch are: movies - Revolutionary Road, A Long Way Down, Need For Speed and Love Me If You Dare. Tv series - Shameless US, The Royals, Mr. Robot, The Fosters and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (damn, emotional ride for AOS fans)

The food I ate the most this Summer is salted mashed avocado on bread and then egg on top. Also, Snickers ice cream as mentioned, salad and just a lot of watermelon.

I would really like to share this with all of you. Today I went to the doctor, to take some samples of my blood, so that then can test it and see how is my rheumatism doing. And if you didn't know already, I am horribly afraid of needles. SO, because now I am an adult, I had a whole preparation on how am I going to do it and I downloaded some really cool music and put my headphones on and I went inside on my own (without my mom, don't judge me you bastards, you go with your mom too, I know your kind:) I was practising my breathing, because my main problem with the whole thing is that I stop breathing and I get in a some weird shock and my veins will stop circulating blood and nothing will come out. So, the problem with this is my breathing. I am so afraid of it, I can't breathe. And today I did it myself and I managed to get two injections. Well, three people held me down but it was progress, I am really really brave and I think you should be proud of me. Thank you :)

Also, this Summer I really got to appreciate how certain music albums can change your whole mood and boost it up. If you want something really Summer-ish to listen, just listen to Jake Millers new album. I promise you, you can never regret listening to his amazing music. The biggest smile that I got this Summer was when Heathens was leaked and I heard it for the first time and I loved it so much I couldn't stop playing it. Well, yesterday Twenty One Pilots released Cancer, which is a cover from My Chemical Romance. And I can't breathe because it is so good, I don't want to go to sleep, because I want to listen to it non-stop. I am in love with it. Its is love. It is bigger than like.

My Summer was amazing, at first I thought that I was going to miss that trips that I took every year for a week and made videos about them. But it was alright. I don't need that to be happy and I don't need stupid people who would treat me bad, to survive, I am actually better off. And this Summer is really a good example and proof that I can honestly be happy again without him. And I am. I am happy, which is all that counts and matters. :) Love from Evs and we will see eachother very soon. Bye :)

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