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I am really sorry for my sarcastic answers. Sarcasm is my number one defence. Anyway, thank you for questions and I am sorry if your question won't be featured in this blog, I sometimes forget them and it has been a long time since my last Q&A and some of them were not even questions. Okay, let's get to it then, shall we?! :)

How many animals do you have now?
- My dog Thor and three tortoises.

Why did you delete so many blog posts?
- Hmm, why do you think I did it? Okay, I will answer this. I deleted it, because three years of my life were not revolving around me, but someone else, and I just hated that I wasted so much time writing them for someone who didn't deserve it, when I could be writing about important things and work on myself and my life.

Why did you stop posting 'song of the day/week'?
- Errm, not sure. I can bring that back, if you want.

Where do you get your inspiration for blogging and making stories?
- Honestly, I scroll We Heart It a lot and I am a Youtube queen and 9gag is my second life. But my stories are just based on my day and whats going on in my mind.

Are you a good or a bad girl? 
- Who's your mommy? Haha sorry

Which blogpost is your favourite?
- Oh, hmm.. I would say that either 'Cause I don't belong in a world where we don't end up together. I don't or maybe even Tragedy. That is really hard for me to answer because I am of course going to pick two of the most heartbreaking posts, because I was really heart broken and writing was hard and I feel like that this two posts were my breaking points if I was going to quit blog or not. But my number one post was always My favourite two years - it was the most popular one and I literally gave my heart and soul into it, but I made it private. 

Do you think you are funny with your posts? You are not
- Yes. I mean... sometimes I don't want to be funny, but yeah.

Are your eyes fake? 
- Sure.

What are pros and cons of blogging? 
- pros: meeting fellow bloggers, getting your thoughts out, you meet some really lovely followers, you really get a backbone, making an impact on someone, getting opportunities that I would never get if I wasn't a blogger, money - which is not a reason to start blogging, but it sure helps.
-cons: you get insulted on a daily basis, sometimes people use you because they think that they will profit with you (they don't, trust me), you can say something and it sounds wrong to someone and then you are the bad guy, I would say that if you are angry and write about it and it can do some damage. 

Are you in love? & Dated anyone this year?
- Haha, well love is such a scary word, no. I am not in love, but I like someone.
- Nope.

Why archaeology?
- Why not? I like being dirty haha that sounds wrong. Whats up with me today. Errm, probably because it is as close to a scientist that I am able to get without actually studying bio, chem or physics (but I guess I will study all three hah). And as simple as it is - I really like it.

Have you heard 21 pilots Cancer song?
- Duuh! Twenty One Pilots is my life.

Pick one famous guy for you.
- HAHAHA funny joke. 
- Jasper Frost
- Lip Gallagher
- Joe Cole
- Marshall Eriksen
- Robert Sheehan
- Tyler Joseph
- James Cook
- Tom Harlock
- Joey Kidney
- Brendon Urie & his wife
- I'll stop, but I have more.

Okay, thats it for today!

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