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Song suggestion of the freaking year: Down With Webster - Your Man

If you know me personally, you already know that I am not the girl who would stay home and do nothing all day. Not a long time ago I was, I am not gonna lie, but life kinda kicked me hard in the butt and my universe went crazy and just pushed me to do better. Just a quick disclaimer, I am not saying that my life is better than yours, I am just gonna express the way I feel about life and the way I want every single one of you to feel. 

We are not all made to do the same things, I know that. If I put it like this: we don't have the same interests and we don't have same desires and goals, which is what make the world function, our differences. So, if I am telling you to go out there, inspire others and make someone happy that could mean so many different things. My purpose, and I knew that from the very start of my existence, is to make people laugh with making fun of myself, to create things and products that will inspire others and to be the person in the gang who will share a whole lotta sparkles and have a whole lotta universe in me. You could be completely different, but the important thing is to know how to be happy. Know what makes you happy and do it as much as you can. 

Other people can make you so incredibly happy and thats okay, but nobody can make you happy if you don't know how to be happy yourself. So, maybe take time to really explore who you are and who you can be. This 'gap year' that I had, turned out to be a complete disaster, but I think that I discovered what makes me happy and I think that if I wouldn't have this year off, I would loose my mind and just be same old sad little girl, who I am not destined to be. I can tell you so much about how to deal with depression and manic state and diagnoses and all the things that I thought were incurable, but they are not. You just need to believe and make yourself happy. Discover a whole new universe in you. Get that sparkle back into your eyes, smile with eyes, which reflect who you really are. 
Having universe inside you sound so Disney, but imagine that, you could be anything you want to be. If you want you can turn invisible, you are just to scared and dumb (yes, I just called you dumb, sorry about that) to chase that goal. You can be a hell of a great doctor or magician (please don't be creepy magician, eva no-likey) or hell of a great mother, you can be anything you put your heart and soul into. Throw kindness around like confetti. Be crazy, and people will accept you and love you. I met someone really freaking fantastic some time ago, it is hard to explain, this person is so cool and so funny and so motivational and everything, that it automatically made me do better, he just inspired me to lead a better life, to have a goal to move away again (but not to run away, like I always do, but just for the purpose to be happy), to do what I want, because it feels right to me and that it is okay if I screw things up from time to time. Sometimes you meet just the right people and it all makes sense and they always push you do be the best version of yourself. It is so nice. 

I just decided to put a list of things you need to try if you don't know where to start with all this hustling and being the best you can possibly be and just make the best out of the day:

· Check out GaryVee on Youtube (to get inspired)
· Take time out. Don't listen to your mom when she tells you that its a bad idea. If you feel that it is the right thing to do, just do it.
· Wake up early in the morning and do all the things you need to do, so you will have time to do better things throughout the day.
· Laughing is the best exercise.
· Drink a lot of tea and coffee and just something warm, that will make you feel happy.
· Make plans with friends.
· Watch an episode of How I Met Your Mother and be impressed with Marshall's happiness.
· Create a new happy Youtube playlist.
· Check Out Vessel from Twenty One Pilots (Listen to: Oh, Ms Believer, Migraine, Ride..)
· Nights are not for sleeping, whoever told you that is stupid. At night we work and we eat Guarana and brain storm. We team!
· Don't let people take you for granted, ever. If you make something nice and they don't appreciate it, just ignore them or block them. Its okay if you get rid of people who weight you down and not see that you try for them.
· Buy things that make you happy, or save money for trips and travel and explore and see and be great and smart.
· Discover yourself.

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  1. i've been through a hard time, so i can totally relate to your first paragraph!
    everything is gonna be super duper. i need to hear this today. thank you so much

    1. I am so glad to hear that! Yes, everything is gonna be super duper :)