ponedeljek, 24. oktober 2016


Shoutout to my friends, who are so much bigger than all the words I know and all the words that I am able to say.

Without you, I'd be a whole lotta lost, a whole lotta different and a whole lotta dumber haha. I am the girl in our gang, who is the dumbest, so yeah, you all kinda make me less stupid, I guess. Well, at least I didn't wrote on a test that Australian biggest ocean attraction is underwater volcano. Oh snap. Please don't kill me. I am 100% sure that if there was a situation where a killer would hold us at gunpoint and I would have to choose between releasing you or me, I would pick you instantly. You saved me so many times, I lost counting. 

Each and every one of you made me a better person in a different way. One of you is always making sure that I am trying my hardest and that I am always being my best, and mostly that I deserve better. And she always tells me if I am being crazy and if I am being a bitch or careless or if I take too many selfies haha or if I don't blog enough or if I am capable of better things. You are cool, you are. I don't think I'd be half as cool as I am if you wouldn't believe in me. You are kinda the best partner in everything, not just crimes, I have and we don't have to spend every aching moment together for me to love you. Yes, I love you, deal with it blondie. You make my life so much better. And because of you, it is already pretty great on its own. Then there is this dude, who is the weirdest and strangest person and I must say that if I would spend my lifetime trying to understand how you turned out to be this awesome, I would still not get it. If I could give someone the credit of all my big smart decisions, I am giving credits to you. Frankly, I think that if there wasn't for you, I'd still be dating assholes and I'd be pretty lost. Thanks for all the things you teach me every single day and thanks for talking to me when I need you or when you go out for a coffee with me when I am not my best and thanks for making sure I am okay. Damn, you are so cool. More than you know. And then there is this girly, who gives me awesome free stuff to make me happy haha, I just had to make this statement, because I love free stuff. And I love you. Thanks for letting me stay in your home and thanks for feeding me and letting me be a part of your life. I am so glad to be in your life. Thanks for tagging me under lama pictures haha, deeply appreciated. I am just going to tell you this real quick, because I don't think you know, but even at your worst, I never stop believing in you. I was rooting for you and you did not let me down, because you are super smart and when there is a crucial moment, you are strong enough to do the right thing. And whenever you will feel lost, you always have us. 

Whatever I do, whoever I become, no matter where I go, you can always, 100%, count on me. I will be there for you, I will come to Ljubljana from Mengeš, from Grosuplje, from freaking New York, I will love the heck out of you. And I will put you first, because you are first. You are bigger friends to me than you realise and you are so important. And because of you I am truly happy and I hope I make you half as happy as you make me. How did I get so lucky, I don't know, but you are crazy. If you weren't we would not be friends. I love you, all of you! Thank you so much!

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