sreda, 16. november 2016


We are celebrating 1 year anniversary since I created Fire Meet Gasoline and turned a new page of my life. The funny part about this whole celebration is that I am not just thankful for all the amazing people that helped me get through though times, but am also super thankful for people who did the most damage in my life.

This is not a sad post, this is me happy.

First of all I would like to thank Anja, Pina and Fila. When I was having the worst time of my life, you kinda asked zero questions, you just were there. And most of all I am so thankful that you inspire me all the time. That you give me all the best ideas and you always know what to say. I already wrote an appreciation post for ya'll. You can read it if you want here. I love you all so much!

I would finally like to thank this one super cool dude. You don't know him, because I don't write about him ever, because I got a pretty hard lesson of how much of my personal life should I really share online, but since my new motto is fuck it, I would like to officially show off my better half. My best friend and my partner in dissing and partner in crimes - Nejc. You are awesome. Without you I would probably still be stuck somewhere where I was not destined to be, but you kinda stole my heart from the moment you told me how you see the world. Primarily you are my best friend and my world wouldn't be the same without you. The one thing I am most thankful is how you showed me what it really means to live your life to the fullest and how to make challenges possible. You are always in when I have crazy ideas and you always support me and give me motivation when I need it. When I said 'stole my heart' I meant that I was super lost before you, and now it feels like I never even was. Honestly, I feel so happy all the time, its almost annoying... All because of you, my man. You are super duper. Love you! Thanks for stalking me.

Special thanks to the funniest creatures on the planet I call my family. Moth, you kinda didn't even let me be sad and I was kinda mad at first, but then I realised that life is to short to not be happy. And my sister, thanks for being there for me all the time. You are so annoying, but you are the best person in my life. And to Miloš and Mila and the rest of the fam. I love you so darn much. Thanks for supporting me.

And mostly I am thankful for my ex. You showed me so much, you made me realise things no body will ever make me realise again. I am so much bigger than you. Thats sounds so rude, but because of you I got my goals back, which you sucked out of me. And they are bigger and better. But if you wouldn't, I wouldn't be the girl I am. So, yes, you did break me into million pieces, you did break my heart, it was super hard, it was super painful, I thought that I was not going to make it, but I did. I picked myself up and rebuild my life. And today I am really happy and I can't feel a single thing when I hear your name. I am so happy you broke my heart, because it would really suck if you would still be sucking the life out of me. Good job boi, points to you! Also thanks to the guy who tried to come back in my life and changed his mind to be with a ''better'' girl. Thanks for not coming back.

This year I managed to do even more exciting things with Thor, I love Summer 2016, best Summer so far. I met some of the loveliest people. I would just also like to mention these guys: Jaka, Nina, Lana, Nika, Monika and all other dogs-related people. You are super great. Big changes in a year. I moved. Twice. This time for good. To a place I thought I was going to hate, but somehow I kinda dig it. Well, it surely has nothing to do with Nejc being 5 minutes of walking away, nope, not at all. Praise all the trips I had. Especially Poland. Poland was just amazing. It felt like I could do this forever. And all the Summer road trips. Learning how to properly use my camera. Buying Macbook, getting two new phones. Finishing high school and starting university. Yes, it was a great year. I can't complain. Such a big and important year. I feel like when I will be old I will look back and think about year '16 and be like... oh man, what a good year that was. 

☺everything is going to be super duper. ☺
⟶ love, Eva.

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