četrtek, 15. december 2016


People don't really talk about anything important anymore. All they talk about is unimportant irrelevant things that don't even make sense anymore. And all the grown ups always tell us that we are stupid, that we don't really know life, that we are addicted to technology.And I agree to some point. We don't talk about important things anymore with each other. Hell, I don't talk about it with anybody. All I do is write it down, but sometimes I won't even share it. How stupid! Well, I might not always tell you the right thing and I might give you the worst advice, but what I am good at is making an easier path for you. I talk in riddles so much, even I am sometimes impressed with the fact that you actually get me. But by that I mean that I might not give you a full advice on how to do life, but I will give you a suggestion for a great movie and a great song and meaningful artsy stuff and you will watch it and get your own opinion on it and will be able to make your own choices.

That is the only reason I always tell you which movie is really worth watching and that is the only reason why I make posts exclusively about music suggestions. If I wanted to be original, I would never share them with you, but I do want to make an impact, I do wish you all the best. I always imagined that my job as a blogger was to make you all my best friends, to connect with you on a personal level, to tell you something new, something you didn't know already. To tell you something important. That is why I decided to make a playlist of things that made an impact on me - good or bad, so if you want to keep up with it here is the link.

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