nedelja, 08. januar 2017


Picture by lovely Anja Troha ♥ 
1. Take chances on people and opportunities. Even if you have been let down like 10 thousand times, you gotta have faith in everything and everyone.

2. You are exactly WHAT you consider yourself to be. Not what other people define you to be. Or want you to be.

3. Tell people you love, that you love them. A lot. All the time. And tell people you hate that you hate them. Probably best if not a lot & all the time, but you know, express how you feel with actions and words.

4. Grow up. Start doing things, start saving money, buy a car, get a job, grow up but don't change your inner kid, don't grow to a grumpy old lady, but grow to an adventurous human who just bought a van and is traveling and blogging through Europe.

5. Say 'fuck it' and say it all the time. Taking crazy chances in life can take you everywhere, while sitting at home takes you, well... no where.

6. You gotta have fun all the time, even when its hard, even when you have to get out of your comfort zone, just have fun.

7. Do things, even if people around tell you NO.

8. Drink water!!! And start eating things you hate, you hate them for no reason.

9. Trust. Trust that some people want whats good for you. Trust that not everyone is going to hurt you or leave you. Trust in good. 

10. Buy plants. Plants make you happy, even if you hated them all your life. They turn a house into a home.

11. Write. Read. Watch. Listen. Get inspired by everything that impresses you. And make sure you make something good out of it. Because what inspires us, makes us a person we are.

12. If you are a girl, don't be afraid to do the thing. You can kiss a guy first, you can hug him first, you can smack that ass first haha, okay I am loosing track here. But you know, it won't kill you if you do something first yourself.

13. Push your friends. Make sure you remind them to work, to do good and then be super duper happy for their success. Because that the most beautiful thing on earth. Seeing people you love happy.

14. Go on road trips. Every week. 

15. Don't look for soulmates, let the universe do its thing. 

16. Always be the best version of yourself. And do what you want and what you like. And what you were destined to be. ♡

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