nedelja, 22. januar 2017


I don't know what future holds for us, all I really know for sure is that we can do anything we want.

We write our own story. That means that we are responsible for everything that happens to us, we are the only ones to really have the last word about how our lives will turn out to be. And that is so important to understand, because sometimes we get told to do something, because apparently its good for us, and if you think it is not - then do not do it.

Photo taken by: Anja Troha ♥
In a few years or decades no one is going to remember days when you were sitting behind your computer, but you are going to tell stories to your kids and grandkids about that one time you went swimming in the middle of a winter, or when you wanted to go to Nanos with Clio, that is older than you are and the road was so icy, we just skated back down. You are going to remember every single thing about the day(s) that you went to sleep late at night because you were so tired, because your day was so amazing and you didn't even want it to end. I remember when we were returning from Poland, I cried in the car, cuz I had the best time and it was coming to an end, and I didn't wanted it to end. And that are all stories I am going to pass them on to other people.

And if your parents or the fact that you are lazy or a coward keep you from greatness, then you should consider my words again. There are so many different lives we could live based on our decisions. So, maybe the answer to how you should live life lies in a simple question: "Are you happy?". If you are, then you are definitely going places and you are definitely destined to greatness, but if you are not then its so simple - start doing something about it. The time is NOW. Not a single human is happy 100% of the time, and sometimes we need pause from everything, but that doesn't mean we are failing.

Photo taken by: Jaka Zorman ♥
I am just so happy that I am writing all these stories and collecting all this "boxes of memories". I am so happy that I have a bunch of people, who make me this happy and who help me get through it all. But I will never understand what I did to deserve someone so important and good as Nejc, because the support and love and happiness I feel is indescribable.

Life I am living right now, in this moment, is the best life possible - life I've always wanted to live. I am destined to some really amazing things and I am so ready to go get them. 

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