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You ask people about love and they tell you about heartbreak. Not everyone that loves you is going to leave you.

I asked my closest friends what is love to see how the answer would vary:

- Actually it is really hard to define love, just because I never thought about what love really is, but if I had to say what it is, its a good feeling when you are with a certain person, that you stay the same and that you don't change to fit in and that people accept you for who you are.

- Love is something really beautiful, but it can be complicated as hell, all in one. We can love ourselves, we can feel it for other people, like our friends, family members or our crush and animals. there is also the kind of love for hobbies (sports, video games, photography, traveling...). What is love to me? Well, thats hard to explain. For example; I have a boyfriend and we have been together for almost 8 months now. I remember myself being "crazy in love" at the beginning. Because of what I felt for him I wanted to spend as much time with him as humanly possible. I could say that love changed me a bit and sadly I forgot about my friends, some times. But the feeling I had months ago was indescribable and I was happy all the time, no matter what was going on those days. Now I am back to normal. I still love him like crazy and all, I just have time for me and my friends again. Love is really important for me, and I can proudly say that I love my family, dog, all my friends, their dogs and all the adventures we've spent together. Love your life & yourself & people around you.

- I don't know how to say this... it is hard to describe with words, but technically is a mixed feeling of this feelings: belonging to someone, the fact that you just love someone (that you are willing to anything for that person) and that you can trust someone... and it could be the stupidest thing to trust them and you still trust them, and that you can be yourself and that you don't try to be perfect but just be you.

- Thats impossible to put as definition.

- Love to me is when I look into her eyes, my hearts jumps, when she laughs I laugh with her, when she is sad I try to make her happy again. It is an emotion  that is so beautiful. When I first saw her, I could barely walk and I got this thing in my throat, because I was just like: gosh, I love her. When she looks at me I don't just feel butterflies, I feel stones in my stomach, because I feel so loved. Love is a feeling of warmth and honesty and trust and friendship and sharing those feelings with a certain person. Thats love. Feeling safe and the fact that I feel like I can figure out the world with her, that I can fly over the clouds. Because I am such a clumsy person I can't even walk properly and everything I do with her is the most beautiful thing in my life and it makes me want to spend every second by her side, to get to know her even more. I want to share things with her and tell her everything I know. To greet her good morning every morning and good night every evening and to I tell her how much I love her every single day. That we learn things together and do all the stuff and even more... I would write more, but my mom wants me to go study now haha.

What is love to me?

I wish I had a straight answer to that question, but to be honest I am learning every single day what that is. If you would ask me that a year ago my answer would be completely different. I always thought that love is what me and my boyfriend had, I always thought that it was the best feeling in the world when I was with him. But love is not my ex boyfriend. It is a heart break, it is the pain that someone causes you when they leave you, it's discovering who you are when you loose everything, it is my friends when they tell me stupid jokes and sometime I just stop and stare at them and think about how stupid and awesome they are, it is Nejc when he tries to study math and he looks like a lost puppy, it is my dog when he is secretly sneaking on my bed in the middle of a night after we had a disagreement, it is my family when we dine together, or when my sister sings the same song she learned in kinder garden for the 50th time. It is what we do, its not what we say or try to define. Love is a choice, and if people love us and tell that to us is because they genuinely feel THE feeling that can't be described - they feel happy for no particular reason, they feel alive and comfortable and insanely good around us. And thats love, a bunch of feeling and a bunch of thoughts and countless moments of joy with someone. I always though that love was just one word for feelings that we have for someone that means the world to us. I know I love Thor so much I would rather die than let anything happen to him, and that feeling of love can't be described. Its everything. Just hearing a certain song makes me instantly think about someone I love. It means we belong. And I belong to Nejc, I belong to my dog and my friends and my family. I belong to so many people and so many things just because I love them. And defining what is love is impossible, because you can't describe feelings you feel for something. Its not possible, because they are enormous.

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