sreda, 22. marec 2017


”Because I am scared of how much I like you.”

At this very moment my view looks really relaxing, it feels like home and if I could describe it with only one word, I'd pick "right". It feels one hundred percent right. And before I can tell you really what my view is, I guess I would have to start at the beginning and tell you how I really got to this point in my life.

It all started when this boy, all of a sudden, added me on Instagram and started stalking my Instagram stories and liking all my pictures. Since I am a girl, I started noticing, and I started investigating, because I wanted to see if I know this man, because his name sounded familiar, not too much but just enough to make me curious. So, days were passing, he still liked all my pictures and my sister gave me a dare to dm him asking if I know him. And because it was a dare (you all know the game I am playing called Cap Ou Pas Cap → you can read about it here), I started the conversation. It was random, few sentences long, conversation about how he doesn't remember me and how I don't even know who he is, but then he made a funny move and started talking to me.

Since that day on, we were talking non stop. About food, music, movies, fears, life, meaning of certain things, points of views, politicians, hunger - we discussed some really heavy and funny and important matters. It did not take long for us to open up about life, about things we have been through, the things that left some kind of mark on us and I started trusting him. Keep in mind that I have never even seen him in person, I had no idea how he looked like or anything. He could be anyone in the world, but he wasn't. He was exactly who he told me he was - a man with high hopes, awesome dreams, amazing life pointers - he was amazing. I always tell him that it is impossible not to love him, because he is such a loveable person. Sometimes I think his mission is to make everyone in the world happy.

So the big day came, when I decided to ask him out, because he is kind of a shy person and it is not his thing to make a move on something, especially not on me. But since I am not so shy, it was logical to ask him out and for his number and just do something about it. He lives by some kind of a crazy rule that the most important thing in life is to respect anyone, especially your girl. Ridiculous right?! Hah, I am kidding.

He came over, and I connected his personalty with his face. And I immediately fell for this ''poor'' man, who now has the most annoying companion for life aka me. Fast forward, with the most easy going, drama free hanging out turned into the best relationship possible. Sometimes I feel like Nejc is not just my parter, but also the best friend I've ever had. But as you get to know someone for who he is, and you realise there are some disagreements, you either work on them and be as supportive as you humanly can be or just fall apart. For us it was that we lived completely different lifestyles. I am an outdoor person with a fluffy dog, who likes to blog and is very dramatic and he was hanging out with friends and his family. So, here and there were some disagreements, but somehow we managed to connect even more because of it. Being with Nejc, for me, is easy, mostly because he cares about things and he supports me at everything and he is just willing to make everything work and try hard if he needs to. Everything takes work, but this one is different, when I am mad he just picks me up and starts shaking me until I stop being mad, it is kind of the best thing I've ever experienced in my life.

My best friend said something that really made me think today → you get a once in a lifetime partner and it is on us if we try hard enough to stay together and see him as the best human for ourself, because thats what he is. And now it is the perfect time to really describe my view, as it is what really inspired me to kick myself in the butt and start blogging again. I don't think anything else could make me blog at these times, but him and ''wise'' words from my friend made me do it.

Nejc moved in with me and my family two days ago and after we took an hour and a half long nap just before, he needed to start doing school work. If you want the most accurate picture: I am looking at a half bored, half engrossed human trying to find the solution to this math problem. I am drinking coffee and blogging about him. Could life get any better? I don't think so. I love my life and I love people in my life. And I love him.

As life continues for everyone (still not stopping for me) I started working in another job and I am saving money for us to move in together in our own place the next school year of college. The funny thing is that I have never been as determined to do anything as I am determined to make this work.

He makes each and every day the best day of my life, if that's possible. I am scared of how much I like him.

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