torek, 27. junij 2017


"Making an opinion."

A few days ago I woke up with the weirdest thoughts that I want to share with you today. There are so much different opinions about so many different things. I mean like, if you have an opinion about getting married, your friends can have a completely different idea and opinion on it. An idea could be simple - it could be about if you agree on having one or two or three kids with a partner... and you want one and they want three (the number is symbolic) but that is opinion. You have your reasons to want just want a kid and they have their reasons, but that is really good because this decision is going to affect YOU. 

The problem I am having is making opinions about things that do not affect you. Let me elaborate. We face difficult or not difficult situations daily. If I give you an example to ease you on what I am trying to say: my friend is only 19 years old and her boyfriend is 2 years older and they have been together for a year and they were talking about getting married and move in with each other and just to let you know in my world getting married at 19 is just not a common thing. So, they ask their best friends to witness their marriage. And their friends start to comment about what a stupid idea that is... but let me ask you? Does this idea affect their friends? Are they getting married with you two? No? But why the hell do you take the privilege to make a decision with them?! That was not a question.

There are multiple topics for you to elaborate about and make your mind on it, but there are personal decisions that you are not supposed to decide on. You are not allowed to decide for someone else, because even expressing your opinion to them is already trying to change their mind, because by stating an opinion you are, not literally, stating what they should do. But are you gonna decide for others if they should keep a baby, are you gonna decide on which house they should buy, on what they should eat, on if they want to take chemotherapy, on how to spend their money...? I hope to god no. 

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