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Hello, hi!
I am back with the most amazing and adorable news. My family of (let me count on my fingers🖐) 𝅪7 just got expanded for a one more member. Meet the awesomest bunroll on the planet - Mango!

Before I tell you all about what he is like, I need to tell you a story about how I got him. So here it is; the story of how I got Mango:

Me and Nejc were shopping for some clothes and we literally already got everything we needed, since neither one of us is a big fan of shopping when it comes to clothes. But as you already know me, I have to visit every pet shop I see, even if I already know every product they are selling. So we went to the local shop (you know, casually looking for some new gear for Thor *wink*) and I came across the bunny area. Normally, I just look at how cute they are and move on to the gear, but there was a bunny who literally slept like he was dead. At that time I thought he was actually dead. So, I looked if his tummy was moving, if he was actually giving signs that he is alive. And I realised he is just a really deep sleeper. And I fell in love with him. I looked at him and something clicked. With tears in my eyes, I turned to Nejc and started begging him if we can get him. I was begging and pleading him to ask his parents if we can have him at his place (my parents don't allow me getting more pets, because I already have 5 pets in my room and my room is not big enough to just bring in more animals. He kept saying no (keep in mind that he made me a promise not to ever say no when I want another animal, bloody bastard). So we went on a bench and I was crying so hard, no idea what happened to me that I got to emotional, blame my hormones if you want, but I looked like a little child who wants to keep playing with friends after mom says to go home. After at least half of an hour of ugly crying he said to ask my mom, and my mom was just straight forward 'nope'. I did not want to leave the shopping mall, because the only thing that I kept in mind was THIS IS ONCE IN A LIFETIME BUNNY, I AM NEVER GONNA GET ONE LIKE THAT. Nejc almost dragged me to get ice cream and I was sobbing the entire time. We went home and I called mom to tell her how emotional I am and how I really need this rabbit. After an hour of talking on the phone she said 'fine okay, he better be cute af' (yeah, my mom is cool, she uses cool words). It was 8pm and the shopping mall was opened for only an hour. So, Nejc, as amazing as he is, packed me and a box in the car and rushed to the store. Luckily bunroll was still there and he was literally sleeping the same way as before. We bought him food and a few things and got him. We drove back home and I was literally screaming of happiness, ask Nejc how annoying I was. When I got home, my stepdad asked to see how he looks (he was against it in the first place) and he was like 'damn he is so cute'), my mom was completely in love with him and my little sister keeps asking to hold him. So you could say, he is a part of our family.

Mango is a male bun, he is extra intelligent, since we worked on new tricks and he is amazing learner. He got so used of us (me and Nejc) that he is walking with us without a leash on, he befriended Thor, which is kinda weird, but mostly adorable as hell. I named him Mango, because Mango is one of my favourite fruits. He would do anything for food. I made him a playground, where he can play with home made toys and eat snacks. When I got him, he was 2 months old, now he is 3 and he is a healthy happy bunny. The funny thing about Mango is, that when he is on the bed, he only poops on Nejc's side not on mine. We are working on teaching him not to, but its not as easy as it is with dogs, so give us some time.

This is him:

* Oh yes, his leash&harness are matching his name.

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