nedelja, 25. junij 2017


Recently my schoolmate from high school asked me to be a part of this project - short movie. The task was simple, we would get three filming days, to shoot a movie, without lines and afterward we would get voiceovers over the shots. Since, I am looking for new movies/commercials/short videos opportunities, I obviously said yes.

Before I post the link of the finished project here, I'd like to write about what this project was all about, since this matter is dear to me and I learned that there are some really wonderful people living on this planet. Also, I know that there are mostly people reading my blogs who can't understand Slovenian, I'd just like to quickly explain what happens in the movie.

So, we are following the story of Jan (David) and Ana (myself), who are together and they aren't living the most simple life, because they are not really rich, but they do care about eachother. They are really young, we can easily assume that they are teenagers and Ana unexpectedly gets pregnant. She is scared because she knows she can't keep the baby because they don't have any money and she is afraid that Jan is going to leave her, because getting a baby is not what they planed. They fight, he is scared, because he is working in a job and it is still not enough to care for the baby. They finally make a decision to keep a baby, because they get help from this amazing Slovenian program zavod živim. If you have a minute, and you are from Slovenia, feel free to check their page to learn about the help. Thank you. Also, if you want to help support what we do, you can subscribe to the channel that uploaded the movie. This man is our director, cameraman, everything.

Here is the link -> :)

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