nedelja, 27. avgust 2017


Yes, I am yet again leaving this crazy town, but this time, because I am moving in with my man.

For the past six months I have been working at this amazing job in Mengeš, where I met the most amazing humans you could possibly work with. Everyday I wake up with the biggest smile to go to work, which is kinda crazy, because let's be real... who wants to go to work right?! Well, I do. My girls and boys are really just the funniest bunch of people on the planet, like I don't think I ever laughed half as much as I do when I am around them. We talk about some really pointless things and about some really heavy and crazy stuff and that makes them really cool - we can literally talk about anything. We prank eachother, well, we mostly prank Tjaša, because she is really funny and we love her a lot. But here is the catch, I don't want to leave. And in a month I am moving in with my man to study by the sea, and I am so excited for that, I swear I am screaming of happiness every time someone mentions me seaside. 

You can imagine, how crazy my life is right now. Moving in with the human I love, studying about movies and blogging and taking picture, basically studying my dream life, adopting a puppy and just being free. being what I always wanted to be. This year has been one of the hardest years, but also the best year of my life so far. Everything is opening up for me. It would be just better if I could somehow keep my job, because it literally makes my life so much better. 

Also, can you please try not to die out of cuteness while looking at this pictures of my pets. Okay, try.

I know, it's hard, because they are so fluffy and cute and petable OH MY, I need to go pet them right now.

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