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Just recently I was thinking about what kind of a princess I would be IF by some kind of accident I would become a princess. Quite quickly I realised I should never become a princess.

If you think about it and imagine what really would be if you become a princess, would you really be great? I wouldn't. And if I had to explain why not, it's really easy - I wouldn't have to be. You could be so many things in this world, but if you are a pure mortal without any titles, you are bound to do good, otherwise, you are a screw-up and no one wants to be that, but if you are rich and important, you are allowed to be reckless. And I would be so bad, I can see it so clearly. 

You can bang anyone. I mean if that is not a yay, I don't know what is. Sounds like I am a horny crazy girl, who said that if I was a princess the first thing that popped into my head is that I'd banged everyone, but I would, yes. No shame in admitting that. I would wear dark makeup and I would party a lot. Not a lot. Insanely. And I want one whole room just of cute bunnies and dogs. And I want a great garden and timeless amounts with my pets. They would be named something cool, like King Julian and Queen Summer The First, it would be royal. And there wouldn't be anyone to tell me 'no, you can't own ten rabbits'. Yes, I can, I am a princess. Okay, this post is going places, I just described that I would be a spoiled brat, a sex addict and a drunk. I love my princess life already.

 I would waste my youth so much, and pray to God I never get crowned queen. Because queens have responsibilities, which would clearly ruin my odds of being the worst princess the world has ever seen. I don't wanna be Queen Mary, I wanna be Princess Eleanor.

The key thing to live a reckless lifestyle is obviously: don't fall for someone. And as you can see I am doing really great because I am crazy for this also crazy human. But you know, even if I was a princess, I'd be a really low key one, because I'd still fall for Njc. Nejc you basically ruin every chance of being badass bitch princess, you make me so good. I guess bad girls really need good guys in their life.

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