četrtek, 21. september 2017


OH hello!

It is me, just in a different look. I am back witches (am I allowed to call you that, since its almost fall, and I am so excited for everything fall?)!

This picture just screams a kinky caption like - Two minutes into Netflix and chill and she gives you this look. Sorry, I had to.
Living life as the cosiest human on the planet I must admit, I feel great. Currently I am listening to 'FML by K.Flay' and my bun Mango is in bed with me, while I try to balance my coffee mug. Outside is great, especially if you spend time in the forest. I am moving by the sea in a week and I am spending time at the forest as much as I can, because it makes me feel so calm and cosy. Also, Thor is having the best possible time outside. If we are speaking in general, I am just working like crazy. Literally I have not missed a single day at work this month, partly because I am saving money, but mostly cuz I love my VPL gang more than life itself and just the fact that I will go to work for 6 more days makes me tear up. This weekend is going to be busy. We are going for a VPL picnic and we are going out for a girls night, kinda girls night... technically its not a girls night, because I will take my hubby with me and there will be guys, but we are going out in Mengeš tomorrow, because of that Mengeš thing that is happening every year, nothing major really. My little sister is celebrating her birthday this weekend as well, and just the plan to combine all those events together makes me dizzy, but I'll manage.

Today was day one, when I got to put my boots on and I feel fucking brilliant. Can it be fall already?! It feels like fall. I started drinking tea and coffee like it is water and sweaters are my favourite thing ever, aside from beanies. Can we get a hallelujah for the human who invented beanies.

Now, I am going to tell you something embarrassing. Everyone is literally so annoyed, because I can't stop talking about Porzingis, I don't know what is wrong with me, but ever since that match Latvia:Slovenia in basketball, I am crazy over heels with New York Knicks, just because he plays for them, don't judge me, I didn't like basketball until now, and even now I don't really know much about it, I just follow Porzingis on Instagram and he is such a cool dude, I swear he is cool. My friends think I am crazy, but I don't know what it is with him. It is probably because he was such a villain and I like that. Can I just make a little stupid not even funny comment, but his name sounds exactly like 'POOR ZINGIS', its adorable.

Also, I played Util Dawn game on my PS4 and I was so scared that I couldn't really sleep well for couple of days, but now that I finished it, I am so proud of myself, it was amazing. I loved it so much, I wanna play it again. It has cool humans in it too. I recognised Bret Dalton, cuz I am a nerd and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D is my life and also that girl Lip slept with is Shameless, I swear I have to stop watching TV series like a crazy geek. I literally know every show there ever was, don't test me. but it was a good change from being a professional Injustice played aka Harley Quinn Pro Master. Also, I played a bit of Black Flag, but I suck, because I accidentally climb on every house/wall/anything really, that stands my way. Its sad to watch really.

That is all I had to say for today. This website is still in progress, but I decided it is okay to have it a little messy, since I don't like neat stuff anyway. So, I apologise in advance, because it might look like a big mess, but I am working on it.

Tomorrow, I am going to tell you my opinion on BABY LIPS.
Until tomorrow, so long!

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