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3 LUSH products I can't live without

Recently I discovered that just right by my school there is a LUSH store and I did try to walk pass it every single day without even looking at it, but the smell, oh my, I couldn't. Quickly I failed and went inside and looked around. I planned to go out without buying anything, yet I came out with a mask. And that is the story of how LUSH bought a one way ticket to my heart. With this simple product.

The funny thing about this product is that it is the same consistency as jelly. It is basically a face jelly. You have to rub it with your fingers to actually get a creamy consistency. And I picked this one because the lovely lady suggested that it is a good mask for my skin because it is good for any type of skin, which is great because I have dry and oily skin at the same time. It is based on papaya and bamboo, which makes it so exciting. Moving to a new city was stressful for me, so naturally I got a bad skin and I had to do something and this product is amazing. I have been using it two times a week and it made my skin surreal. It is soft, I have clearer skin I love the smell, I don't even have to wash my face after, because it does it all. I have to put approximately for a finger of this product on my face and wait from 5 - 7 minutes and then rub it off with water. That is it. It takes me 7 minutes for a perfect skin. The whole thing will last for 4 months. And the good thing is that you don't have to put it in the fridge. You can buy this here:  and if you want something similar you can choose from the same jelly masks but different scents and ingredients like: 1000 Millihelens (based on green apple juice and green tea), Birth Of Venus (based on salt water), Bunny Moon (based on oil made of roses and vanilla) and FOMO (based on calamine).

This is my favourite product I own and it is a soap/pilling for your face. This does a better job than any other soap I ever had. It is the best cleanser and I will tell you why. Coal. Coal, my friends. If you have any sort of problem with oily skin, oh god, buy this. It is the best thing on the planet. It also great with BODY&SOUL brush? Is this brush? I don't know, but it is really cheap and if you use CoalFace with this brush it cleanses everything for you. I use this everyday and let me tell you, it is not that expensive and you are covered for at least four months. The only problem is the packaging. It could use some sort of packaging, but otherwise, I highly recommend this to everybody.

New is my new shampoo bar. Firstly I needed a shampoo for my hair, because I am losing a lot of hair, and I wanted something natural, something that is going to make my hair pretty and strong. And this one actually reduces hair loss, which is great. I am so impressed with it, it doesn't smell really that good, but if you want to get other shampoos, they smell a lot nicer, but this one is just in fact perfect for me. I am extremely happy with it. Basically it is for 80 washes. That is like 3 normal shampoo bottles, and if you look at it, it is much better to use this because it is made from amazing ingredients. You can get yours here:

I highly recommend you to watch this video about microbeads. 

Eva out!

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