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Today I wanted to talk about this Sleek eyeshadow palette just because I love it. I didn't really get to test all colours out, but as far as I came, I am loving it. It is a really cheap palette, which is kinda crazy, because personally I think it should be worth a lot more money. Not that I am complaining, but it is beautiful and lasting.

As I came to the stand, with no intentions of buying anything really (the story of my life) I saw that copper (down-right) colour and I fell in love. Having light blue eyes, I can't really own anything too dramatic or anything too colourful, even with just an eyeliner I look like a panda. But with brown shades I make my eyes stand out so much you won't be able to look at anything else. Its kinda awesome, but at the same time I would love to put something crazy on my eyes. And with this palette I can make my eyes stand out dramatically because the colours are so insanely strong. All but two basic colours are shimmery. And as much as I always wear boring-not-sparkly makeup, I thought that it is time for me to go a little bit out of my comfort zone. In my opinion you could use some of those shades as highlighter - I tried it, because I wanted to see if I could make it work and it looks really good. 

The best thing about this make up is that it doesn't make my eyes red. I have really sensitive eye lids and if I buy cheap make up, I always get red eyes and lids and this is working really good for me. No redness, no irritation, nothing really. 

There were like 10 different palettes to chose from, but as I said. It had me at copper. I feel like I am going to love these colours because they remind me of winter time and since you know my obsession with Christmas and holidays, this is perfect for me. I would strongly suggest it to everyone with blue eyes. Obviously you lucky humans with brown and green eyes, you can make anything work, so this is generally perfect for everybody.

This next picture is a little sneak peak of how it looks (you will be able to see how it actually looks in my future posts, because I am never gonna stop using this palette) if I only apply the smallest amount on the brush. I tried to test it out how it would actually look like if I don't use a lot. And I would also like to say thanks to my best bud Thor for scratching my hand.

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