nedelja, 31. december 2017

Goodbye 2017

What can I say? It was a hard, but also great year. I feel like the more I think about things that happened the warmer this room gets. First and really one of the greatest things - we got Mango.

Mango is the coolest, awesomest and the best bunny you can imagine. He is the perfect pet. So well behaved, so sweet and loving and so fluffy I'm gonna die. Mango is something else, in a room full of bunnies he shines through. He lost his companion really early on, but he still managed to stay the best. Never will I ever regret crying my lungs out to persuade Nejc to let us get Mango.

Christmas this year was awesome. It was the Christmas I missed over the years, because we had more fun than all the Christmases before combined. We got snails and plants and we had this amazing dinner and we went for coffee like 3 times and it was just what I needed. My sister didn't really show up, but I expected that she will cancel the last second. But I had Thor and Mango with me, AND Nejc came later on, when we exchanged gifts and it was perfect.

I had been battling myself the most this year, because of my illness, it got really hard. But the good news is that after this medication, I am going on biologics and I will hopefully be good as new. But it affected me for most of the year.

Being in college is another thing that really made my life better, I like it, I love going there every day, it is good. I like the things we are learning and I like everything about it. But nothing was better for me than moving on my own. I feel like people always say how their parents were the worse so they moved out, but my parents were completely awesome. I moved out for me. I love being by myself, being responsible and just have a little space from everyone. I feel like it made me and Nejc really close and our apartment is lovely. It had a touch of us. Still a Christmas tree, our pets and plants.

We actually bought potatoes and stakes and obviously champagne, so we will actually end 2017 with style haha. With mashed potatoes! Yolo swag!

In 2017 I really appreciated: Kylo Ren. More specifically the protecting boyfriend Kylo Ren to Rey. OMGOMGOMGOMG! I also appreciated Rick & Morty, like for real I thought I was not gonna like it, but I loved it, it was really funny and cool. Wonder Woman movie was kinda cool, I liked Gal Gadot. I finally watched New Girl and I am obsessed, kinda upset that there will only be like only one mini season. Stranger Things Stranger Things Stranger Things. LOVED IT.

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