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How BABY LIPS helped with my psoriasis

This is something I wanted to do for quite some time now. I wanted to share my story about why I think Baby Lips is an awesome brand. 

I have been diagnosed with Spondylitis and there are a lot of different types of Spondylitis and to be honest, I would just bore you to death if I'd tell you what each one does and how it affects people, but you can always look it up online (this page is really great:

My doctors didn't really tell me much about my disease and therefore I never knew which exactly type do I have. But I just assumed it was this one, which affects the biggest % of people, because I have HLA-B27 antigen, but lately I have been dealing with psoriasis. Psoriasis is basically incurable thing that often happen with people who have rheumatic disease. It is just another thing. Another thing that my body rejects. Normally people my age don't suffer with this condition, so I guess since I am unique and special, I would just stand out and have Psoriatic Spondylitis. 

How does it show? It is basically your skin inflammations and if I explain it with my words: it just feels like you have a really bad drying skin on some parts of the body. I wouldn't suggest you to google images, but trust me, it is not life threatening thing. The only really bad thing is that there is no cure. But there are some things that make your life easies. Either creams, lotions, medications and stuff like that.

For me is that I have always dry lips. Legit always!
I tried so many lip balms, creams and just anything, yet nothing would work. But then this guy bought me, randomly, baby lips. At that time there were still those yellow-no-colour Baby Lips products that would just be good for people with dry lips. I obviously tried it and in a week of using it I felt like a whole new person. I loved everything. The smell, the fact that my lips felt great and just in general that lips would not look dry. I am still a girl. So, as the years went by I got quite a lot of them. I got mostly the colourful ones. But to be honest the ones without colour are always better.

You will have to excuse the dirty package, I have been using them for a long time and I always just throw them in my bag and that is the result. My favourite collection was obviously the first one. That is on the picture: violet one, pink one and the bottom orange one also the yellow one, but I lost it somewhere unfortunately. Other collections are good as well. I don't have any of the second, just the third and fifth collection, just because those crazy neon colours were not good on me. 

I don't use that on other parts of my body, but lip and around lips. I had and have psoriasis mostly on my hand and I used different things there. But I am guilty of using Baby Lips on my eyes when I had nothing on me, when I got a burst there hahaha. telling you all my dark secrets. But yes, I would recommend this to my friends and to you. I heard people loving Baby lips and people hating it. But it worked on me, so that is just my opinion. Don't take it as sacred. 

Psoriasis is obviously autoimmune disease, so you can't catch that haha you just get sick. It is not contagious in any way. For me it was Methotrexate that caused psoriasis to go out of remission, but somehow it is more crucial to fight rheumatism than psoriasis in my case right now.

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