sreda, 31. januar 2018

CATRICE Make Up Techniques

I got something new for you today. Let's talk about Catrice Cosmetics Professional Make Up Techniques.

What else could you possibly put on your face?

Firstly, I love how you get every single thing that you need because it has half of the stuff that is MATT and half of it is glitter-ish. And then you get two creamy sections - MATT CREAM and HIGHLIGHTER SILVER. They are both on the very right. Then you get two incredibly pigmented shades that you can use for conturing and bronzing, which I am super looking forward to try, because I never use that dark and pigmented bronzer, probably because I am super pale, but still I feel like I can work it. Then we have the pinky part, where you get two blushes, that I love both, because they are so different and the shades are awesome, I love the pinky MATT BLUSH colour, I live for pinky blushes, but I am probably even more excited to try PEARLY BLUSH, because it has so many sparkles and I wanna see how it looks on my face, because it is really darker than what I normally buy. To continue let's look at MATT CREAM and MATT POWDER. They are both really light and pale shades, which is perfect for me, I feel like I will use them mostly under my eyes and dark circles, because I don't like to contour that much with bright colours. I love all-you-need package from Catrice, I've been looking to buy like a whole pallet of everything for ever, but couldn't find anything suitable for my skin tone and something that I will actually like. Now let's look at the last two colours HIGHLIGHTER GOLD and SILVER. I feel like the gold one I will use the most, because it is not creamy and because it is actually gold. I feel like you can never go wrong with gold colour if you have like really light eyes, like me. Gold really compliments my freakishly blue eyes and I can't blame it, because I love gold. If I'd have to pick colours that compliment my face, I'd say all brown and gold shades. I am looking forward to try out the silver highlighter, but I don't know, I have mixed feelings for this one. We will see. And if the colours weren't enough already, you get a two sided brush in it and a big ass mirror, that is always a plus.

Now, let me just quickly show you what is on my nails, so you won't have to die guessing.

It is Maybelline New York Nail Polish in shade Canal Street Coral or as I like to call it a Sunrise. It is from their 60 seconds Color Show collection and it has 329 number on it.
Thank you for reading!

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