sreda, 03. januar 2018

Champagne, Harry Potter and Uno

What a magical end of 2017. 

In the store we bought some potatoes and stakes, as well as some champagne. Since, we don't know a first thing about champagne, Nejc picked out something familiar. I don't drink alcohol often, and Nejc doesn't drink that kind of alcohol, so it was like buying a surprise. We didn't know what will we get out of it. But it was fun, you know, buying something like that. But lets go back to the story of how we ended one of the hardest years for us, so wonderfully that looking back, it was a great year. 

At around 20.00 we started peeling the potatoes, then I cooked it and did the stakes. The problem occurred, when we couldn't find the 'invention for mashing' and nejc actually mashed them with a fork and a wooden spoon. I still don't know how I managed to catch such a natural talent for a boyfriend, who could turn potatoes into mashed potatoes with a wooden spoon, and you wouldn't even notice. But dinner was amazing. Somehow, we managed, without the particular skills, to make it the best dinner of 2017 - my own personal opinion. Then we went back to watch the last part of Harry Potter.

We watched all, accept one last part, of Harry Potter and it was all so good. Nejc is the biggest Harry Potter fan I know. You know those fans who have to buy all the merch? That is not Nejc. Nejc just read all the books like 20 times and watched all the movies like 10 times. His dad said that when he was a kid, they used to read him Harry Potter stories for bed time. As big of a fan he is - he won't shut up about the books. ''No, Evs, in the book he had this kind of abrakadabra wand with that kind of abrakadabra clothes.'' As annoying it might sound to you, I love listening him being annoyed. I think about what he said even in my sleep, and think about the plot. And then I ask him questions I don't understand, because I never read a single page of Harry Potter, but I am proud to say that I watched every single movie in a cinema. Nejc teased me the whole time when, while I was sobbing like crazy, but I can't help it, I am so emotionally attached to people I see in movies. I thought I was gonna die while watching Snape die, like I've seen it for 5 times at least, still almost died, cuz I couldn't breathe because I cried my heart out.

What a magical start of 2018.

Then the time was like 23.45 and we just got ready to go out and watch fireworks with Thor. Don't worry Thor loves fireworks, even as a little puppy he was fearless, he have seen so many of those,  he is even looking forward to see them. And man, he was so excited, you could even hear him bark of excitement. You know those people who spend New Years with their dog in a closed bathrooms, man I am so lucky my dog is so amazing. And my bunny. We went in our porch and watched fireworks and left Mango to be in inside. But I was so afraid to leave him, because it was his first New Years, and I didn't want him to be scared because of the noise fireworks makes. And after the 00.00 and the most wonderful first kiss of 2018 I went to check on him and he was god damn sleeping - this is how badass Mango is. Sleeping, like it's nothing. I gave him his favourite food and proceeded with champagne and laughs with Thor and Nejc. 

After a while of admiring all the different fireworks we went inside to play Uno because we were so sleepy it was insane. We are actually turning into old people. My sister said she will come and say hi for the first time in like a year. You don't understand, we are not friends me and Ana, not anymore. After she moved away to enjoy more freedom and hurt my mom, we called it quits on being sibling, as hard as it is for both of us, because we were always crazy for each other kind of siblings, I couldn't look pass this, because my dad is just the most unqualified dad on the planet. That is the only thing I will say. I actually don't even miss him anymore, and I have Tati, who is better of a dad than I could wish for, even if Ana is not able to see it now. It is not about money and freedom, family is about love and support for me. And that is what you either cherish or you don't. And here is where we don't see eye to eye. But she did visit us, with her friend, and we had a decent time together. 

After she left, me and Nejc just died. Like for real, if you could see us, we looked like old people. We didn't even talk much, just how much we appreciate one another and then we went to sleep. It was perfect. We were all fancy with our last dinner and champagne, we watched fireworks and Harry Potter and I beat his ass at Uno, as always hihi. I love us. I love him. 

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