torek, 16. januar 2018


You know you make my world light up.

My parents never allowed me to own a dog, they still fight me until this very day about how I should never get another dog again, because it is so much work. People know me as the overly obsessed dog person. Everyone I know always asks me how is Thor doing before they even ask how am I doing. 

But who would I be without my dog? Would I even be alive? Because whenever I was really upset and whenever I hated my life, there was Thor. And Thor was always worth fighting for, even when he annoyed the crap out of me. Even at nights when he wouldn't stop puking and I spend awake all night by his side and cooking rice at 3 in the night.

This year was so hard for me, I resented everybody and blocked all the people I know, I unfriended the whole facebook and instagram mafia I was part of, I needed some quiet time from everyone and I distanced myself from my family, friends and even Thor, which is just awful. But even if I distanced myself from every living thing, there was still Thor. I look at him and I remember how good the world is. I look into his eyes and feel something. 

I love Thor more than I love life itself. I would gladly drop anything in my life if Thor was at stake, I say this because today I dropped my brand new super expensive camera (that is completely fine, good as new, don't worry and don't lecture me) because Thor hurt himself badly. Thor is mildly afraid of deep water and once he got stuck under this branch (it was nothing, really) and he started panicking and I just jumped after him in this dirty freezing river, without a second thought. That is just how important Thor is to me. Sounds really dramatic, but it wasn't.

Like Thor is my best friend, he is the light after dark, the one and only. A few years ago I said that people leave, well dogs don't. Dogs don't call you stupid, they don't doubt you, they love you more than anything in the world and they devote their lives to you. 

And whenever I try to explain that to other people, especially to my parents, they always feel like I am full of bullsh*t, but let me rephrase it: my life would be so boring, it would have so much less meaning and I wouldn't be able to do what I am doing. I would miss so many opportunities. 

Now you can take it however you want, I won't judge you. But I know for myself that life without dogs would be a boring one. And I promise I will never listen to my parents when they tell me that I shouldn't fill my life with just dogs.

Thor I love you more than I love anything or anyone. Best companion for 9 years and a half.
Not everyone is so lucky to have such a good pet, but mostly not every pet is so lucky to have a good or at least normal life. We are all for ending animal cruelty. 
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