sobota, 13. januar 2018


Hi from the happiest human on the planet. I finally got my camera and lens. It is no secret that the previous one got stolen, and I must be the luckiest human on the plant to actually get a better, new camera so quickly #sponsored. 

I am obsessed with it, it is so incredible and so good and just so divine - please stop me from using so many objectives. But I did take some pretty pictures and I wanted to share them with you, obviously. 

Pretty please ignore my sleepy face expression, but I wanted to just post this, because WE HIT MY DREAM NUMBER OF VIEWS ON THIS BLOG! Can you imagine that. Unfortunately I don't share my numbers with anyone, not even my boyfriend, but just trust me, it is a lot. And I am so happy I just feel like dancing and freaking out. Thank you so much for always reading what I have to say. And especially thank you for like still reading even tho I have been struggling last year and didn't post pretty pictures - YOU ARE FAMILY TO ME. My goal is to always make you feel like home. 

Kylo would be so proud of this picture. It is actually like IKEA light that you can still get, but I like to pretend it is Death Star from Star Wars, because it makes me feel more connected to the franchise. And Kylo, I freaking love Kylo. It is meant for me to be out of focus, don't ask me this. The light is in focus... why does it only make sense to me?!

Yes, I do own a pair of Leonardo DiCaprio socks. Well, to be honest, I own two pair, because I love Leo and I got them for free #sponsored. Thanks. Appreciate. 

This my sister Ana. 
Okay, I will actually do a giveaway, as soon as I am finished with so much school work, I promise. I was thinking to giveaway a Sleek eyeshadow palette if you want... or maybe highlighters pack? Let me know what would you like.

And this is actually my mom. 

And this is me again.
Thanks for being awesome, love you loads!

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