ponedeljek, 01. januar 2018


I can't believe it is already 2018. Time just flies for me. And to think about how you have been following this blog, well - me, since 2012... is just unimaginable. How grateful I am for you, and for your support. And how happy you make me, I just can't put it to words. Thank you for Christmas cards and New Years wishes and gifts. I guess, it is time for me to put something back for everything you do and do a GIVEAWAY soon. I will just have to figure out what and how first. But this month, I will do something for you.

You have been spoiled with so many beautiful pictures, but unfortunately I lost my camera or someone ''borrowed it without a permission'' and I had to repeat some of them, because I don't want to post low quality photos anymore. I know it is wrong, I will do better, because GOOD NEWS - I am getting a new, better camera. Hopefully really really soon. Like in a week. Hopefully. Hopefully. Hopefully. I am currently into Canon 80D and Tokina lens, but that is changing everyday due to me watching lens and cameras youtube reviews. A girl gotta buy the best. #SponsoredByMyGrandma #Thanks #Appreciate

I always had a mini wish to blog a little bit more about fashion and a little bit more about beauty. And this year my only resolution is to kick my butt in that direction. As the content will change a little bit, I hope you will enjoy that more and you won't see me as a sellout. But I am not a sellout, because I am just the worst at writing about things I don't like, and I like to write about things that might not sell-out there in the world, because I like it. And that is the reason why my base is not the biggest, but it is the strongest. Those who connect are here to stay. 

On the completely different note, if you want to know how Eva Premk Monroe celebrated her New Year of 2018, you will have to come back tomorrow, when I will tell you everything in details. But for now, enjoy the 'breakfast in bed' I made for my Neyzl this morning, the first morning of 2018.

It is egg-toasts.

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