nedelja, 14. januar 2018

Visiting Portopiccolo, Italy

Is that a good way to say hello if I have just been in a port? Well, deal with it. Ahoi!

Today I visited Portopiccolo with my family. First things first, I don't wander off with my family that often anymore and I don't hang out with my sister Ana (IG: @anapia7) as I already mentioned before. But Ana stayed with us for a whole week and I came in town. I am so often in town now, it is funny how I even call Koper my home, but yes, the point was... we went for a road trip. To test my camera and it was so great.

No big deal, just spa areas everywhere, ten luxurious pool places, gucci store and enormous yachts. I felt just like I belong with my washed up Vans. I never liked the rich lifestyle hype. My sister is obsessed with it, we always joke how she gon marry some old rich guy, but to me everything just feels a little empty. Where are dogs and parks and porch with cheap wine and a big tree and realness. That is what I am into. But it was good to go somewhere to really see something else. 

The only thing that I really miss is Thor. Oh god how much I love that fluff I call my dog. Whenever I leave him somewhere with someone I just miss his presence. It could just be the feeling of knowing he is there. 

Have you noticed the length of my hair? It might not look long in every picture, but if I straighten my hair, they are super long. This might sound weird, but I am like really going fully Melisandre here, I can cover my boobs (which is a weird fact, I know) but you should know this. I want to cut it, but at the same time I love them long. 

Going back to talk about Portopiccolo. It is a place you would want to resort if you had like a ton of money. There was honestly a park where they had swimming pool with turquoise water and I likes how everyone was just standing there being fascinated with it. It was actually a closed area, but my family and me, we just went there and the others followed. You can call us rebels. I feel like today I saw the biggest most luxurious yacht in my life. I am not going to lie, I loved it, it looked fancy as hell. Would be Portopiccolo translated into 'Small Port'? I feel like my skills of speaking Italian language are not that great anymore. 

I wanted to post this because it is in my home and it is the fist picture my roommate took of me.

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