četrtek, 18. januar 2018


I am just quickly going to trick you and post pictures of Mango, because you know you want it.

Okay I know why are you here. The title basically implies that teenager love can't last. Well, I know that quite a big percentage of you are still ''teenagers'' and you will start to hate me for it, but believe me, I've been there done that. I am in my early twenties, but I've seen a fair share of GIRLS (TV show) haha and that makes me an expert on relationships. It makes me qualified, OKAY?! Jokes aside, here are the reasons:

- People change. You heard that so many times it is insane, but the sooner you really realise this one out, the better. You are not going to have the same goals when you will be older. For me, when I was a teen I wanted to travel with my boyfriend, study in UK, move to Australia or Canada, take photos of Thor, never have kids, live in a van, only eat olives and reduce my boobs haha I can see you rolling your eyes on the last part. But right now I want completely different things, and especially I don't wish to reduce my boobs or just eat olives. When you are this young you are figuring out what do you want in life, you apply to school that you one day will make a profession out of it, I don't know, that is how we do it in Slovenia. You start building something. It could be a blog, a certain skill - in photography, drawing, cleaning HAHAHA (why did I write cleaning, my mom will be so proud), it can even be your own company, I don't know... whatever you freaking want. And you HAVE TO build yourself. Not because of the money, but because of the purpose. You HAVE TO! And if you are so in love and give your whole self to someone at that age, you are bound to break up just because ones purpose is not just to love someone. And to be honest you don't even get the opportunity to change for what you were destined to be.

- Obviously you can date, but teenager love is a really funny thing-y. You are, for the first time ever, putting someone else before you, you think about that person all the time and you basically spend every minute connected to that person. While that is super sweet and all... you quickly get stuck in this circle and you can't get out, because you just can't stop. That's how powerful this youngsters love is. When you get a bit older, you realise that if you aren't happy you wont be able to make someone else happy. And if they don't treat you like you deserve, you just simply leave because if they do it to you one time, they will do it again. And you know that if its real then it is worth fighting for. Love is not movie-like when you get a bit older. We aren't the same I know that, but just from my point of view it is definitely like that.

- You have different aspects on the same things. I used to think that if you love someone you can get over anything and you can fix even the worst problems, now I don't see it anymore. I like to think that not a single man is the same with all the girls. Like for instance, my ex was really unkind to me, but will be super duper nice with his future girlfriend (my ex wasn't unkind to me, I just put that as an example).

Anyways that is at least my take on it. I know some people who are still together tho, since they were practically kids, but as I said already that is just my take on it, my experiences, my qualifications to teach you, because I am so super mothapumpking qualified.


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  1. Teenage love! Been such a while that I was a teenager. I totally agree with you. It's rare for you to find teen lovers still together as adults.