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Yes, it sounds relatively funny, because dogs are usually born to "serve" people, but to be honest, I feel like I was always destined to have Thor. We were always destined to end up together, I have no idea how life knew that Thor was the one and put the idea in my mom's head that the only dog I should ever get is a Boxer dog, but I never regretted it and I will never look back.

Today I realised that I was actually born to serve animals, like I always kinda knew that I love dogs more than the rest of people on this planet, but I was never sure if being a dog person qualifies me to actually help people with their dogs, but I guess it does, because I know a lot. Everything dog-related interests me and I will always put animals before anything else. There is more likely for me to not have kids than me not having dogs. 

I was born with it, like ask my mom, when I was able to walk and talk I would always ask for a dog. I wouldn't ask for new toys, I would write Santa to bring me a puppy and I would always for some reason ask for a Husky haha, don't ask. In the old days National Geographic would publish magazines with extra sheets about ever single animal and I would collect them and put them in an album and I would collect dogs and wolfs and put them in my separate special album and then study those sheets of paper and I would put it in plastic, so nothing bad could ever happen to my paper that had a Siberian Husky on. Every time mom would take me to the library, I would never pick a bedtime story, it was always books about dogs, how to take care for them, what to have before you get a dog, how to teach them tricks. When I was in my primary school I volunteered in school's library and I would plaster the books and read about dogs. Dogs. Dogs. I brought my dog to school, and I had to convince our headmaster and beg him to let me show my dog to other mates. I brought Thor to my High School and it was again, to show what dogs can do, how great they are. I educated people on dogs and I connected to a dog gang, because obviously you surround yourself with the best people for you, and for me best people always owned a dog.

Without Thor, my life would be so boring, I said it many times before, I will say it again, how can a single dog change you, it is remarkable to see your life changes. I hope one day I will know enough to tell people how to fix even more problems they face with raising a dog, but for now I am just so happy that I got the opportunity to share my knowledge as much as I can. And I want to share opinions and experiences and hear about the problems I have never heard of before, if that is possible. 

My only goal was that Thor will experience the best life possible. That he will see places, even most people don't see, that he will have a loving owner and that he will know he is loved so much and that he won't be bored. And Thor will always be loved. He is almost 10. Almost 10 years since we have been the dynamic duo. We have seen together so many countries. We traveled to Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Montenegro, Italy and Czech Republic. I hope to see many more. To be honest, I am super overwhelmed that I was born that way and I am super lucky to be able to do what I do.

And then there is Nejc, who is the most amazing co-worker at being the best owner to Thor, sometimes I am impressed to see how can he like look at Thor and smiles, like he loves him so much.

Thor and me decided to lay low today and dress into out pyjamas and play Call of Duty and study for my exam that is on Tuesday. He is so adorable and I love him so much, I can't even put it to words.

Thank you for reading!

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