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You in a relationship? Keep reading. You single? Keep reading.

Hi, my name is Eva I had around 3 serious relationships in my life and multiple flings as I like to call them. And it's important for you to know this information just because you need to know that I am not an expert on dating and I do not qualify in anything but I am a girl and I dated before and this is what I noticed.

If you are lazy, if you do not wish to work for anything other than yourself, if the only thing you care about is you, food and video games, please like don't go into relationships. Just why exactly would you want to do that? If you are lonely, get yourself a Tinder app. If you think social standards tells you to get a signifiant other, like don't feel obligated. If you are lonely on Valentines day, you can easily do some activities to keep you from that stuff. Just google 'activities for single people on Valentine's day'. But don't drag someone else into it, just because you want to.

If you don't want to work, if you don't want to remember anniversaries, if you don't want to think about someone else more than you, if you don't want to stop being obsessed with video games, if you would rather spend a whole year inside and if you don't want to make the other one special or have sex I have a brilliant solution for you. Drums please. *tmtmtmtmtatatatmt* JUST BE SINGLE. Good job, you learned something.

Why suffocation other people, when you can just suffer alone? Really! You can save lives, relationships and unnecessarily drama. This whole post sounds just like an add, well, it is an add. It's an add that I made for every single one of you, to express how people feel when you are not being the good partner.

First we stop doing activities we used to like to do all the time. Then we start going crazy and do all the things for you and try to give you gifts and buy you stuff and cuddle you and be there for you and calm you down and give you compliments, because we don't get them, we try to give them to you. Then slowly we resent you, we think about how bad you are, how you never do anything, how the only thing we heard about Valentines day is about exam that you have the day after Valentines day. Then slowly we start to miss old things, we keep thinking about them and try to reach out for them. And whenever you ignore us, you just give us another reason to hate you. And then comes the most perfect day in months that you go for a walk and feel so special and lovely and loveable and everything is great. But the next day you wake up to being unimportant and you are bored all day because you don't even know what are you supposed to do with your life, because what is your life? Is it a life? Is it nothing? I can't tell you. I don't have the answers. Well, girls and boys. Leave. Break up. It's not worth it.

You are a strong independent boy/girl. You can do anything in the world, you can play Minecraft by yourself, you can go to the store by yourself, hell you can have a perfect Valentine's day solo. Watching shirtless Kylo Ren, because Kylo won't forget it was your anniversary, he won't drive you insane, he won't let you get bored. Oh no. Not bored. You can read about a perfect solo V-day here. I once even wrote about eating cheese and drinking wine. Yes, me. Take notes.

And say NO. To everything you want. Don't even put anyone before you anymore. If people don't show interest, then you are not obligated to love them and defend that love. You know you, how you feel and trust yourself a little bit more. Power! To girls! To boys!

*disclaimer: this is not about any of my boyfriends or flings. Its what I see and feel that you need to know. 

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  1. Great post! Most times, I feel that being in a relationship is overrated. That said, if you're not willing to give it your all, then don't bother entering into one.