petek, 23. marec 2018

Do you want to be a writer or a blogger? Read this. ↓

petek, 23. marec 2018

Do you want to be a writer or a blogger? Read this. ↓

Hello to everyone that is new here. My name is Eva, I am soon-to-be-22-year-old-human from the most beautiful coast of Slovenia. I moved there because I want to write and do something more than just write about myself (which I have been unsuccessfully doing lately, but who cares) and I study Media just because it is as close to studying writing in Slovenia as you can get. Today I am going to give you a summary of the most important lecture I received since I started studying.

This blog post is useful for any sort of writers - bloggers, book writers, journalist, anyone that wants to write.

Everybody can write. But how can you become a good writer, you ask? Let me tell you how.

If you want to read about my super big secret that is under number two, then you should first make up your mindset. Not a lot of people are born with an ability to be a good writer, I am not sure anyone really was born with it, but if you were - good for you. But probably you weren't and you should understand that it is a long and exhausting and really punctual project that will change your life. You are in it for the long haul and being really enthusiastic about it helps loads.

Second, most important step: INVEST IN A NOTEBOOK AND A PEN.
Phone is overrated to us wannabe writers and you should know that investing in these two things will change your life. Have you ever heard about words ''little black notebook'', well it is a notebook that writers use for ideas. People aren't really good at pressure procrastinating, sometimes the greatest ideas happen when we are at the store or walking down the street or even on the toilet and under shower. For me, my best ideas came from watching a really meaningful movie or baking sweets, who knew?! My point is, you can't know when exactly the bright idea (a smart or a dumb one) will occur to you and thats why you should have your little notebook with a pen with you at all times. If you don't understand something, write it down and research it later.

After you bought that notebook and you filled it with notes, it is time to choose a title or a topic that interest you and then you should just search for books and other sources to find out more about it and just learn as much about it as possible. The more you know the better you understand and the better you can write.
It is very important to read books, because you are learning new words from books, you are finding your ''new'' vocabulary from them and you can surely become smarter from reading - that is like common sense, isn't it?

Forth step: WRITE.
Write anything, it can be lame, it doesn't have to make sense, it doesn't even have to be in full sentences, but if you put effort and write you will soon start getting better and better. You will learn how to write. Everyone's style is different, but it is important that the readers can feel you in your stories, that they feel connected to you and that they understand you. There isn't a guide on how to write, but if you do it the way you feel good about it and it sounds right to you when you read it out loud you are doing something write. If you aren't sure give your piece to someone to read it and give you feedback. It might help you discover what is there to improve.

Useful extra tips that work for me:
- Have lots of different pens and colourful markers and pretty paper and just try to be as organised as possible and if its pretty you are going to be more proud of it,
- Exchange ideas with your trusty and intelligent friends, so you can get different aspects on the topic,
- Never stop doubting, even on things that seem logic to everybody else,
- Stay true to yourself,
- Try to make your workplace as bright as it gets, remove unnecessary stuff off your desk and try to make it as silent as it gets,
- Library isn't such a scary place as you think,
- Try to be unique and find really interesting topics that haven't been researched that much so you can get the opportunity to discover something new, and find it awesome,
- Take as much breaks as you want,
- I like to drink coffee when I write and I am capable of drinking 1 litre of it in no time, so I started drinking special decaffeinated coffee and I love it,
- You are not going to like this one, but it helps me a lot: lock away your phone,
- It is the most relaxing thing in the world to be able to have resting pets in the room, Thor likes to lightly snore and it just makes me relaxed and I love being in the same room as him, but I know that it can be distracting, so it might just work for me.

The important thing to know is that everyone likes different things and different tactics work for different people, but I wanted to let you know how most people write and it can't hurt for anybody to know this things. I hope you learned something new and if you like this kind of blog posts, let me know.

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torek, 20. marec 2018


torek, 20. marec 2018


My friend with a Medical University Diploma couldn’t find a job that pays actual money in her field of study for more than a year. Everyone suggested that she should just open her own private clinic, but because she couldn’t invest any money into starting her own business, she decided to start looking for any-paying job that was available to her. The first job she found was a housekeeping job in an old Hotel near the city she lives. When she sent them her CV, she got a very surprising and unusual response stating that because of her ‘elite’ education, she was too educated to work as a housekeeper. Do you really need University education to get a job these days?

Over educated people often encroach on jobs below their level of education. Employment market just doesn’t have the capacity to employ that many people with that high education. Positions that don’t require high level of education are often the only jobs people can get, if they don’t start their own businesses. Often employers do not employ educated people if the position for the job is below their level of education, because they feel threatened for their position.

Yet different cultures have different aspects about the necessity of University education. Being well educated in Slovenia helps people getting better-paying jobs. But if we take Australia, for example, people value practical abilities more than University degrees. When Australians finish high school, they often take practical courses of their interests and get an internships and then jobs (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2017).

On the contrary the more you learn the more you earn. The studies show that spending time and money on higher levels of education is most likely to pay off. Statistics (for the year 2011) show that the median earnings of bachelor’s degree working full time were $56,500, which is $21,100 more than median earnings of high school graduates (Baum and Ma and Payea, 2013). That is mostly because usually that extra diploma or degree gives you a higher working position.

Also, there are jobs that are only available to people with certain qualifications that they got at University, meaning that the range of different jobs widens with higher education. A qualified doctor can transplant a heart and in most cases have a housekeeping job at a hotel. But a qualified housekeeper can only housekeep, they can not transplant a heart. Even Spiderman said that with great power comes great responsibility. Professions that require for people to have a lot of responsibility often require at least an University education and are better paid.

However not everything is about education, sometimes all it matters is a little creativity or luck or a great idea. We heard stories about people, who practically only finished primary school and/or high school to turn billionaires. Great examples are definitely John D. Rockefeller and Steve Jobs (Kelley, 2013). To be more more precisely, if you have what it takes, you don’t need to be educated to achieve what people normally achieve with University education.

As a result, University education will probably get you a better paying job or a higher working position, because you get qualified to work in more specifics fields. But not everything depends on education, because some cultures value practical abilities more and personally I think that you are what you make out of yourself. It is about how you use your talents and ideas. It is important for the mind to study because you want to and not because you have to.

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nedelja, 11. marec 2018


nedelja, 11. marec 2018


Get to know me a little bit better - there is a trend going on on Instagram and I realised it has been a while since I did one of those, so here it is.

Name: Eva Premk
Age: 21 years 10 months 5 days
Eye colour: Light Blue
Hair: Dark Blonde or Light Brown; Long; Curly/Wavy
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 60 kg
Favourite colour: Green
Favourite colour to wear: Navy Blue
Pets: Boxer dog Thor, mixed breed bunny Mango, three land tortoises Daisy, Fish and Cami
Favourite TV series: HIMYM, Girls, Skins, New Girl, SKAM, Misfits, GoT, The Royals, The End of the F***ING World...
Favourite Film: A Long Way Down, Inception, Love Me If You Dare
Favourite Actor: Adam Driver
Favourite Actress: Kaya Scodelario, Mädchen Amick
Favourite Book: A Long Way Down, The Time Traveler's Wife
Favourite Band: Twenty One Pilots, Panic! At The Disco, Blink 182, Linkin Park, Eminem, Lana Del Rey
Favourite Song: Time - Hans Zimmer, We Might Be Dead By Tomorrow, When the world was at war we just kept dancing.
Favourite Names: Summer, Eleonora, Jess(a)
Favourite Human: Nejc (since forever)
Major of Studying: Media Studies, Archaeology (funny combination I know)
Favourite Subject: Media Industry (Because my Professor is amazing and cool!)
Favourite Food: Eggs, Ice Cream, Salad, Chinese
Favourite Drink: Aloe Vera, Ice Tea, Green Tea, Coffee
Coffee or Tea: Coffee
Bath or Shower: Bath 100%, if I could live in a bath trust me, I would.
Diseases: Autoimmune disease (SpA - Psoriatic)
Favourite Sport: Volleyball, obviously Chess, everything dog-related
Siblings: 1 sister, 2 half sisters, 1 half brother
Goal: Acting, writing, explore (archaeology related), travel
Kids: Want 1 one day
Favourite dog breeds: German Boxer, Dalmatian, Border Collie, Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever
Favourite Make Up Brand: Lush
Favourite Shampoo: Lush
Favourite Dog Brands: Ruffwear, Planet Dog, Blueberry Pet
Marriage: One day I want to get married
Favourite Destination you visited: Paris
Dream Destination: NY, Madagascar, Mauritius, UK...
Favourite Place: Cinema and as a legit sick human I have to say seaside, pool, river, lakes (whatever makes my transportation around easier haha)
Favourite Thing I own: Arwen Undomiel's Necklace, my camera, my computer
Favourite Quote: Damn, can't choose one!!
Advice: If you love someone so much that when you are not with them it literally pains you, then you should text them, talk to them, find a way to them, because life shouldn't be full of regrets (obviously if they deserve you, the rule doesn't apply to those who are not nice). Live the life you want and if that means move away, then move away, if it means choosing someone your parents hate, then choose someone your parents hate, if it means running away, then run away as long as it makes you enjoy life.
Dream Job: Writer for IMPORTANT company that I will believe in, Actress, Researcher/Archaeologist, Photographer and something with dogs
Favourite Cartoon: How To Train Your Dragon
Nicknames that you love/tolerate: Evs, Evus, haha Evi, Eva Premk Monroe
Nicknames that you hate: Evči, Evio, Euio, Evica
Regrets: Plenty haha, but mostly my biggest regret is to not make amends with certain people and also that I don't listen to myself enough and listen to other people.
Special talents: I can dry swallow a whole bunch of pills all at once (hehe, you know what that means ;), I can professionally make deserts and make eggs in 100 ways, my roommate says that my stubbornness is the biggest talent I posses, but also I am really freakishly talented in naming actors, actresses, movie titles and mostly just TV series and characters.
What social media is your favourite: Blogger and Instagram
Do you hate anyone: yes, I hate one person. But it is not anyone you know. I don't like hate my ex boyfriends or former friends. I just like to avoid them.
Do you love anyone: yes, my pets and I kinda love a lot of people. I love my family and friends and obviously I love my roommate a lot. I feel like at this point I love Adam Driver too haha.
What do you look in men: Damn, I don't even know. Someone who will think I am the best person in the world and will only want to have sex with me. Basically a Marshall to my Lily, a James to my Alyssa, Nick to my Jess, Adam to my Jessa, Kylo to my Rey, Cook to my Effy.
What would you change in a world: So many things. But right now I would like for people to loose stigma about sex, I want to show men that women equally rule the world as them, obviously animal rights and world hunger as well.
What is the only thing you wear all the time: My ring. I am practicing for the future haha kidding. Like I am obsessed with rings and this particular ring I have on my middle finger - I wear it 24/7, in the shower, at night, when dressed fancy or baggy, whatever, I have to have my ring. It is not even pretty or anything, but I get attached to things that remind me of other things.
What is your favourite part of your body: boobs and hair haha maybe eyes.
What is your lucky number and why: 7 because I always loved this number and 3 because 7 goes with 3 perfectly.
Future pets: Dogs obviously. In my head we get 2 dogs at the same time - Border Collie and a Dalmatian.
Do you drink alcohol: No, legit I almost never do. When I do it is at home or when I am completely sure I trust people near me.
Do you smoke: No.
Do you get high/do drugs: No.
Did you ever break any bone: Yes. But the biggest issue I have is my left hand because of my disease it is almost not functional in some parts. It has been like that for a while now, probably will never get better. That is what doctors say.
What do you believe in, are you religious: I believe in physics as funny as that sounds. I believe that when we die we become parts of millions different things, like a supernova. Thermodynamic laws. If you ask me if I believe in Jesus and God... I am not sure, I don't think about it anymore, I was used to religious and I read a lot of books about it and I know a whole lotta lot about it, but as I grew older I realised that my religion is not the same religion as the church defines religion.
What are you scared of: dying and not being able to have kids scares me the most currently, because people like me have short life span and they have problems with living a normal life and don't have kids, and I want to experience life like I imagined I would a few years ago. I am afraid that because of this disease I will eventually loose all people I love. But also I am afraid of sharks as hell, like those creatures scare the heck out of me.
What are your favourite activities to do in free time: watching movies/TV series and just get inspired by them, I love traveling, road tripping with my dog, I love being in a car, blogging.
What is the trend you would want to bring back from the past: I would bring fashion from 50 years back obviously. I would love to dress like Malena or something and look cool, because if I put that stuff on now I look like a grandmother.
10 things you would bring on a deserted island: Nejc & Thor, electricity and my computer (so I can listen to Lana Del Rey 24/7 and be extra), my pills to survive, endless resources of fire and water, archaeology kit, mask for snorkelling and 10 different types of shoes and my camera. (Don't expect from me to bring knives and compasses and stuff, that's why I'd bring Nejc, because he can bring important stuff for us.) *Damn I forgot to mention that I would 100000% bring anti shark bracelets or whatever that things are that sharks hate.
Favourite snack: Damn, I don't know I love chips.
Which superhero do you relate to: I relate to villains. Kylo Ren, Joker, Harley Quinn, The Penguin...
Superpower you'd pick: Move things with my mind and probably to be able to kill someone with that power as well (I just realised how psycho that sounds).
The language you love the most: English
Would you like to cut your hair: If I would dare I'd cut my hair paž lenght and colour them orange, but I feel like my long hair are pretty so no.
Which celebrity would you be for a day: Leonardo DiCaprio
Favourite dessert: Sacher cake, red velvet/chocolate cupcake
A song that defines you: Every song Lana Del Rey and The Neighbourhood made combined and She Will Always Hate Me.
City/country: Living in a country, but I am 100% a city girl.
A trend that you absolutely love: Red lips
First pet's name: Luča
An unexpected place you spent your night: Home of my ex.
On a first date you can't stand: awkwardness
When you cross the street you...: I look both sides two times and I always cross in the middle of zebra, never near zebra.
Smell you hate: smell of alcohol mixed with plums and vanilla & coconut
It is really hard for you to say NO to: certain people from the past
Guys or girls night out: guys
Perfect age to get married and have kids: 23-25?
In ten years time you expect: to live
Film scene that you love: Jess scenes from A Long Way Down, Ending of Revolutionary Road, Mall scenes from Inception, Malena scenes from Malena, badass Effy scenes from Skins, Jaspenor scenes from The Royals, Lily leaving Marshall from How I Met Your Mother, Fuck The Police stage song from Straight Outta Compton... there are many more.
Favourite horror movie: I don't know, gaaahh... Sinister 1?
Scariest horror movie: The Visit (old people scare me as hell)
Karaoke song you always pick: Sugar Town by Nancy Sinatra
Favourite season: I want to say Girls Season 1, but I feel like I am supposed to say Season of the year and it is probably Fall/Summer.
Do you believe in ghosts and aliens: Ghosts YES obviously. Aliens NO.
Worst Nightmare: I can control my dreams, I am a trained Lucid dreamer, so I can dream whatever the heck I want, but mostly I like to dream about events that happened to me and I like to dream about my future that I imagine right now.

Okay, I have enough haha, hope you found out something new about me and enjoyed this kind of a blog post.

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torek, 06. marec 2018

How my boss told me that I will get a leading role in his new movie if I become his girlfriend and do stuff with him.

torek, 06. marec 2018

How my boss told me that I will get a leading role in his new movie if I become his girlfriend and do stuff with him.

I was thinking a lot these two days about whether I should write this story or not, but I was like EH, WHY NOT?! So, I am going to tell you a story of how mistreated girls/boys can be in a movie industry even in a country like Slovenia. Just to make sure, it is not just movie industry, it is happening everywhere else as well, but I do have really just experiences in this field, because of all the auditions I did and movies and projects.

I was exclusively invited to be a part of a new movie sequel that was going to happen in Summer. They kinda knew that I was the right girl for the job, so they just invited me to come have a chat to see if I wanted the role and if I actually related to the role. The role was simple, I had to play the main female character and it was some sort of an action movie, so there was a lot of running and being all over the place. Not hardcore as Lara Croft but you know, 10% of Lara Croft, so that was still a really challenging task for me, because normally I would get to play the girlfriend or geek or popular bitch and something similar - my role would normally be some sort of teenager girl (because apparently I don't look 21 *rolls eyes*).

So, the guy that emailed me about the movie asked for my phone number and Facebook profile (for some reason), next thing I knew he added me and messaged me like 10 times about date and place and hour and minute and second and everything, and whenever I said that its a deal, he would keep messaging me some unimportant things that I didn't really care about. At that point I guess I just thought that he really cares about that movie and how it is really important, so I kinda took it super serious and I was more nervous about it than I would normally be. Then he called me at Midnight that same day on my phone to talk to me to just make sure that I am serious and it was weird, I remember that I felt really weird about it but since it was happening in one of the biggest movie production houses in Slovenia I let it go and just went on that meeting.

I was freshly single at the time and I just had a birthday a few days before, let me just casually put that information out there. So, the meeting started pretty well I had to talk about myself and my previous experiences and what I like and don't like, what I am comfortable with and you know, just your casual job interview. But then he said something that really freaked me out: ''Eva, I heard that you are single and I just wanted to say that I know what happened and I wanted to tell you that I am here for you and if you need anything I will do everything to make sure you are treated nicely and with respect. I will do a better job than your jerk of a boyfriend.'' He then hugged me for like a whole minute and told me that I am super pretty. To clarify it made me shit my pants (lol, not literally), I hate clingy men and as soon as that meeting ended I stopped replying him and I talked only with the director and other people from that project. I just hated the idea of not being part of that movie, so there were auditions happening two weeks later and I had to attend and give my opinion about everyone that came and stuff, I am not going to lie, it was a bit awkward because he brought me coffee and cookies and he just treated me like I am his girlfriend. It made me super uncomfortable.

Then something happened with that project about some conflicts and stuff, so they backed down that project and started a new one - a romantic comedy and I was immediately the chosen gal for the main character. So we started filming songs and background music at the studio, because they had this vision about putting our own voices for the movie intro or something like that. So, I spent a whole day in that studio singing with some other girls and a really lovely audio technician, man seriously that dude was awesome. But back to the story. When I finished that same guy from before came to me and told me that he changed some things and that I will have to take some other role that had like 20 lines throughout the movie and I was pissed. Because well, I spend so much time already and I didn't wanted that role and I just spend a whole day in a recording studio. But he said that he just thought I am not good enough. Imagine me really angry times 100. That was me. So, I said no. And turned down the whole project and stormed home like a boss ass bitch diva, I know a really dramatic and epic moment for me with fireworks in the background.

He called me a hundred times before I even got home, but you know how strong headed I am, no way I was talking to this guy. Then he started sending me 10000 of messages on Facebook that I am unprofessional and that I should stop being so bitchy. And that I know what I did to deserve this punishment. I was so confused, like legit I only responded only to ask him wtf does that mean. And he said that because I wouldn't date him and that as soon as I correct my mistakes I can be back. So, for solid 10 minutes I just laughed like crazy, it was so funny to me. Because I was 18 and he was 24 (I think, not sure) but he was much older than me and to me he was the stupidest human I have ever met. He also mentioned stuff about kissing him and other stuff that just made me crack up even more, so I did what a mature girl in this situation would do. I screenshot all the texts, messages and all the material I had on him and send it to some people from previous project and blocked him hardcore. It didn't take long for the project to come to an end. Oh well, what can I say... I couldn't let this frat boy get away with it. I don't actually know what happened with him after all this drama.

To be really honest, I don't talk about this story that much because it didn't have a big impact on me and I like to think I did the right thing and I am sure he is not in this business anymore and that makes me happy.

But just the fact that things like that are happening makes me sick. There is never a good ending to a behaviour like that and I don't understand this simple fact: if you want to win a girl's heart, just be ''normal'' (not psycho, like I love people who are not normal, I'm dating one from this kind), be yourself and show that you are a nice decent human being and don't be an idiot. It is really not that hard to do. Million ways to do it right and some people do it the only bad way there is.

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ponedeljek, 05. marec 2018

Tell me pretty lies, look me in the face, tell me that you love me

ponedeljek, 05. marec 2018

Tell me pretty lies, look me in the face, tell me that you love me

DISCLAIMER: Strong language and content.

Its like everything shifts in a moment, and you step out of your body, out of your life and you think FUCK. THIS. SHIT.

The first story I wanted to really talk about is denial. It is one of the biggest struggles I am dealing with in life. Sure, denial sounds not really dramatic, not really important, in fact it doesn't sound worth reading. But I promise you, it is one of the most important stories I carry around with me, and I really mean with ME. I don't tell this to random important people in my life, it took me just like a whole year and a half of dating Nejc to tell him, so I said FUCK THIS SHIT, let me be honest, let me fix myself a little, let me share this with the world.

One day a few years back I woke up in a hospital, I was severely drunk, drugged, frozen, bruised, depressed and broken. But I did wake up, which was a fucking miracle if you ask me. The first week in the hospital I had appointments with every sort of medical expert to make me go back to normal. And every single time I told them that I am okay. I had to do therapy for years after they released me from hospital, I mean not that I hated it, but I hated it haha. I don't even remember what we talked about but to me it was so unimportant and I hated being treated like I am not normal.

I went home and I pretended that it didn't happen to me, other than sleep deprivation and others treating me like I was fragile, my life was good again. I went to school, I studied like crazy, bonded with Thor, spend everyday with J and just be normal. People kept asking me what happened that night, rumors kept spreading about what happened, people were really jerks, but I didn't care I just kept on living and day by day I felt more heavy. To be completely honest after a while it got really dark, I gained some pretty trust issues and I could not go to parties, ever. I didn't trust anyone who was slightly drunk, hell, I didn't even trust my friends when they were slightly drunk. I started being pretty antisocial, and that is me, I am the most social person you will ever meet, but because of it I stopped enjoying people, I trusted just a few but still, you can totally live with that, not a big deal. I just always claimed I don't know about the whole situation, I just didn't want to talk about it because I couldn't admit it to myself about what really happened.

My point is, at first I felt fine for quite some time, but slowly my life turned upside down, major break up for me wasn't even the worst thing that happened to me. One day I woke up just realising. I knew, it was like I woke up from a dream and I remembered everything. Couldn't remember some things, but I realised that what I always hated of thinking was true. It hurt me badly. I know this might surprise you, but I went fully bad after it, I started going out, I started flirting with strangers, if you know what I mean, had some accidents, did a few mistakes. Until I met Nejc you could say I was a mess, and then when I realised that I can be really great with someone I completely calmed down, got my priorities straight, but there is one thing that I didn't share with you.

Speaking of the mistakes and accidents... Well, while I was at my worst, someone who was used to pretty close to me contacted me to talk about what happened on that night. If I would have to describe the feelings I felt, I'd say that I was shaking, I was full of adrenaline and I hated it but at the same time, I needed closure and I wanted to talk, at least give a slap or hug it out, just do something that will help us both move on. He was, he still is my weak spot, he can control me and my life to the point I would do the stupidest things and be fucking pleased about it. Long story short, he told me he still loves me and we can be together and be forever and blah blah blah, and I was freakishly all in. Trust me, if he wouldn't manipulate me at the time, I would never say yes, but there was a catch. He didn't tell me that he had a girlfriend at the time. No wait... Let me rephrase that. I asked him if he had someone and he said NO. And as snooping and FBI as I am I made him confess to me cuz something didn't feel right. He said he will break up with her and that I am the one, that he will only really love me forever and no one else. Just a bunch of gibberish that the stupid me believed. I gave him a week or two to let him do that, you know, drama-less. And then after two three weeks I sent him a text and he didn't reply. I even called him to ask about the situation, just to like really make sure he is okay. And he didn't answer. That is when it hit me. He manipulated me again just for the purpose to hurt me again. He just wanted to hurt me. He manipulated his girlfriend, if she is even real. And I let that happen - I never wanted this and after a consideration, I kinda felt bad for her, I wanted to write her a few times actually, but I was never sure if its my place to. He made me have this feeling again and then broke them to million pieces. As strong headed as I am, I completely shattered my feelings and that is how my life got into such a good place.

Last year he contacted me again via email, I am assuming he wanted to low key hide it from his girlfriend again that we are talking or it could be that I blocked his number on my phone, either of those things are possible. He actually wrote a single word to me and to translate it, it would be: "talk ?". Long story short, I threatened him haha because I am a smol angry bean and that was it. I just hate how much power he has over me, I hate it. I like to believe that I am someone, who can be better, but whenever he comes back, I am so full of energy and it completely messes with me. Could have something to do with all that first love crap that people always say. But probably it is the fact that I had been in such a strong denial mode that now when I am kind of accepting it as part of my becoming an adult experience, it gets to me. Especially because he is such a big part of that experience.

Denial. Hard thing to overcome. At least for me.

But if there is something to learn here: be careful who you trust, be careful who are your ''friends'', don't let boyfriends control you, don't settle for liars, do better, sometimes listening to your head instead of your heart could be a good idea. Sometimes. Share stories people.

It took some balls to write this, because it is really hard for me to trust and to open up, especially when talking about hard stuff. But it has been ages since I openly discussed what really is the truth. I love yall so much, thank you for reading and stay tuned, because there are some exciting people and stories coming up on this blog this March. See ya soon 😘
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petek, 02. marec 2018

We're NO ONE (March topics, stories)

petek, 02. marec 2018

We're NO ONE (March topics, stories)

Not sure what to say - what is this blog, is it lifestyle or beauty or dogs or is it deep or it gives you advice? I have no idea what to call it anymore. So from now on when people ask me what is my blog about I'll just say it is Fire Meet Gasoline. It means that it is fire itself and then you add gasoline and you get a whole explosion and thats my life. So, for this month I'm all about telling you my Fire Meet Gasoline stories. I will add anagrams and puzzles and riddles in it so you can all enjoy not understanding a single story I have to tell.

More specifically, I will write stories about my life, real things that happened to me, even if they are hard to hear, but they will be raw and honest, because if I don't have this blog, I don't have me. Evs without Fire Meet Gasoline is like a balloon without air (quote by my schoolmate from high school). So, real stories for everybody to understand/relate/feel, but I will hide messages all over this blog and if you really want to get to know me you will have to dig up this place. Practically it's for everybody, for readers and archaeologists.

Just to be fair I will not use real names of people I interacted, because well, I don't want to make them uncomfortable and I don't want to expose them in any way. But this month - March - it is the month we have to stick together and talk about what people don't talk about and we have to listen to stories, not just for the purpose of the whole #METOO movement, but just because we should just simply stick together.

To be completely honest, for this first post of my mini March series I just wanted to start with a simple, but very important basic fact that some people just don't understand or accept that yes means yes and no means no.

- If a person is drunk or drugged or influenced anyhow, they are not able to make decisions and you should never make a decision, a sexual one, for someone else. For everybody, who didn't get this part, don't bang someone who is under an influence.
- If a person is not sure, don't push it.
- If in between intercourse a person changes his/her mind, respect that.
- NO means NO.
- If you feel that a person is uncomfortable during anything, please stop. You have senses, be reasonable.
- Don't be a dick, just don't.

That is just what I had in mind for quite some time to tell you, which I am sure you already know, but just in case, you should hear this as much as its humanly possible.
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