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Do you want to be a writer or a blogger? Read this. ↓

Hello to everyone that is new here. My name is Eva, I am soon-to-be-22-year-old-human from the most beautiful coast of Slovenia. I moved there because I want to write and do something more than just write about myself (which I have been unsuccessfully doing lately, but who cares) and I study Media just because it is as close to studying writing in Slovenia as you can get. Today I am going to give you a summary of the most important lecture I received since I started studying.

This blog post is useful for any sort of writers - bloggers, book writers, journalist, anyone that wants to write.

Everybody can write. But how can you become a good writer, you ask? Let me tell you how.

If you want to read about my super big secret that is under number two, then you should first make up your mindset. Not a lot of people are born with an ability to be a good writer, I am not sure anyone really was born with it, but if you were - good for you. But probably you weren't and you should understand that it is a long and exhausting and really punctual project that will change your life. You are in it for the long haul and being really enthusiastic about it helps loads.

Second, most important step: INVEST IN A NOTEBOOK AND A PEN.
Phone is overrated to us wannabe writers and you should know that investing in these two things will change your life. Have you ever heard about words ''little black notebook'', well it is a notebook that writers use for ideas. People aren't really good at pressure procrastinating, sometimes the greatest ideas happen when we are at the store or walking down the street or even on the toilet and under shower. For me, my best ideas came from watching a really meaningful movie or baking sweets, who knew?! My point is, you can't know when exactly the bright idea (a smart or a dumb one) will occur to you and thats why you should have your little notebook with a pen with you at all times. If you don't understand something, write it down and research it later.

After you bought that notebook and you filled it with notes, it is time to choose a title or a topic that interest you and then you should just search for books and other sources to find out more about it and just learn as much about it as possible. The more you know the better you understand and the better you can write.
It is very important to read books, because you are learning new words from books, you are finding your ''new'' vocabulary from them and you can surely become smarter from reading - that is like common sense, isn't it?

Forth step: WRITE.
Write anything, it can be lame, it doesn't have to make sense, it doesn't even have to be in full sentences, but if you put effort and write you will soon start getting better and better. You will learn how to write. Everyone's style is different, but it is important that the readers can feel you in your stories, that they feel connected to you and that they understand you. There isn't a guide on how to write, but if you do it the way you feel good about it and it sounds right to you when you read it out loud you are doing something write. If you aren't sure give your piece to someone to read it and give you feedback. It might help you discover what is there to improve.

Useful extra tips that work for me:
- Have lots of different pens and colourful markers and pretty paper and just try to be as organised as possible and if its pretty you are going to be more proud of it,
- Exchange ideas with your trusty and intelligent friends, so you can get different aspects on the topic,
- Never stop doubting, even on things that seem logic to everybody else,
- Stay true to yourself,
- Try to make your workplace as bright as it gets, remove unnecessary stuff off your desk and try to make it as silent as it gets,
- Library isn't such a scary place as you think,
- Try to be unique and find really interesting topics that haven't been researched that much so you can get the opportunity to discover something new, and find it awesome,
- Take as much breaks as you want,
- I like to drink coffee when I write and I am capable of drinking 1 litre of it in no time, so I started drinking special decaffeinated coffee and I love it,
- You are not going to like this one, but it helps me a lot: lock away your phone,
- It is the most relaxing thing in the world to be able to have resting pets in the room, Thor likes to lightly snore and it just makes me relaxed and I love being in the same room as him, but I know that it can be distracting, so it might just work for me.

The important thing to know is that everyone likes different things and different tactics work for different people, but I wanted to let you know how most people write and it can't hurt for anybody to know this things. I hope you learned something new and if you like this kind of blog posts, let me know.


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