torek, 06. marec 2018

How my boss told me that I will get a leading role in his new movie if I become his girlfriend and do stuff with him.

I was thinking a lot these two days about whether I should write this story or not, but I was like EH, WHY NOT?! So, I am going to tell you a story of how mistreated girls/boys can be in a movie industry even in a country like Slovenia. Just to make sure, it is not just movie industry, it is happening everywhere else as well, but I do have really just experiences in this field, because of all the auditions I did and movies and projects.

I was exclusively invited to be a part of a new movie sequel that was going to happen in Summer. They kinda knew that I was the right girl for the job, so they just invited me to come have a chat to see if I wanted the role and if I actually related to the role. The role was simple, I had to play the main female character and it was some sort of an action movie, so there was a lot of running and being all over the place. Not hardcore as Lara Croft but you know, 10% of Lara Croft, so that was still a really challenging task for me, because normally I would get to play the girlfriend or geek or popular bitch and something similar - my role would normally be some sort of teenager girl (because apparently I don't look 21 *rolls eyes*).

So, the guy that emailed me about the movie asked for my phone number and Facebook profile (for some reason), next thing I knew he added me and messaged me like 10 times about date and place and hour and minute and second and everything, and whenever I said that its a deal, he would keep messaging me some unimportant things that I didn't really care about. At that point I guess I just thought that he really cares about that movie and how it is really important, so I kinda took it super serious and I was more nervous about it than I would normally be. Then he called me at Midnight that same day on my phone to talk to me to just make sure that I am serious and it was weird, I remember that I felt really weird about it but since it was happening in one of the biggest movie production houses in Slovenia I let it go and just went on that meeting.

I was freshly single at the time and I just had a birthday a few days before, let me just casually put that information out there. So, the meeting started pretty well I had to talk about myself and my previous experiences and what I like and don't like, what I am comfortable with and you know, just your casual job interview. But then he said something that really freaked me out: ''Eva, I heard that you are single and I just wanted to say that I know what happened and I wanted to tell you that I am here for you and if you need anything I will do everything to make sure you are treated nicely and with respect. I will do a better job than your jerk of a boyfriend.'' He then hugged me for like a whole minute and told me that I am super pretty. To clarify it made me shit my pants (lol, not literally), I hate clingy men and as soon as that meeting ended I stopped replying him and I talked only with the director and other people from that project. I just hated the idea of not being part of that movie, so there were auditions happening two weeks later and I had to attend and give my opinion about everyone that came and stuff, I am not going to lie, it was a bit awkward because he brought me coffee and cookies and he just treated me like I am his girlfriend. It made me super uncomfortable.

Then something happened with that project about some conflicts and stuff, so they backed down that project and started a new one - a romantic comedy and I was immediately the chosen gal for the main character. So we started filming songs and background music at the studio, because they had this vision about putting our own voices for the movie intro or something like that. So, I spent a whole day in that studio singing with some other girls and a really lovely audio technician, man seriously that dude was awesome. But back to the story. When I finished that same guy from before came to me and told me that he changed some things and that I will have to take some other role that had like 20 lines throughout the movie and I was pissed. Because well, I spend so much time already and I didn't wanted that role and I just spend a whole day in a recording studio. But he said that he just thought I am not good enough. Imagine me really angry times 100. That was me. So, I said no. And turned down the whole project and stormed home like a boss ass bitch diva, I know a really dramatic and epic moment for me with fireworks in the background.

He called me a hundred times before I even got home, but you know how strong headed I am, no way I was talking to this guy. Then he started sending me 10000 of messages on Facebook that I am unprofessional and that I should stop being so bitchy. And that I know what I did to deserve this punishment. I was so confused, like legit I only responded only to ask him wtf does that mean. And he said that because I wouldn't date him and that as soon as I correct my mistakes I can be back. So, for solid 10 minutes I just laughed like crazy, it was so funny to me. Because I was 18 and he was 24 (I think, not sure) but he was much older than me and to me he was the stupidest human I have ever met. He also mentioned stuff about kissing him and other stuff that just made me crack up even more, so I did what a mature girl in this situation would do. I screenshot all the texts, messages and all the material I had on him and send it to some people from previous project and blocked him hardcore. It didn't take long for the project to come to an end. Oh well, what can I say... I couldn't let this frat boy get away with it. I don't actually know what happened with him after all this drama.

To be really honest, I don't talk about this story that much because it didn't have a big impact on me and I like to think I did the right thing and I am sure he is not in this business anymore and that makes me happy.

But just the fact that things like that are happening makes me sick. There is never a good ending to a behaviour like that and I don't understand this simple fact: if you want to win a girl's heart, just be ''normal'' (not psycho, like I love people who are not normal, I'm dating one from this kind), be yourself and show that you are a nice decent human being and don't be an idiot. It is really not that hard to do. Million ways to do it right and some people do it the only bad way there is.

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