petek, 02. marec 2018

We're NO ONE (March topics, stories)

Not sure what to say - what is this blog, is it lifestyle or beauty or dogs or is it deep or it gives you advice? I have no idea what to call it anymore. So from now on when people ask me what is my blog about I'll just say it is Fire Meet Gasoline. It means that it is fire itself and then you add gasoline and you get a whole explosion and thats my life. So, for this month I'm all about telling you my Fire Meet Gasoline stories. I will add anagrams and puzzles and riddles in it so you can all enjoy not understanding a single story I have to tell.

More specifically, I will write stories about my life, real things that happened to me, even if they are hard to hear, but they will be raw and honest, because if I don't have this blog, I don't have me. Evs without Fire Meet Gasoline is like a balloon without air (quote by my schoolmate from high school). So, real stories for everybody to understand/relate/feel, but I will hide messages all over this blog and if you really want to get to know me you will have to dig up this place. Practically it's for everybody, for readers and archaeologists.

Just to be fair I will not use real names of people I interacted, because well, I don't want to make them uncomfortable and I don't want to expose them in any way. But this month - March - it is the month we have to stick together and talk about what people don't talk about and we have to listen to stories, not just for the purpose of the whole #METOO movement, but just because we should just simply stick together.

To be completely honest, for this first post of my mini March series I just wanted to start with a simple, but very important basic fact that some people just don't understand or accept that yes means yes and no means no.

- If a person is drunk or drugged or influenced anyhow, they are not able to make decisions and you should never make a decision, a sexual one, for someone else. For everybody, who didn't get this part, don't bang someone who is under an influence.
- If a person is not sure, don't push it.
- If in between intercourse a person changes his/her mind, respect that.
- NO means NO.
- If you feel that a person is uncomfortable during anything, please stop. You have senses, be reasonable.
- Don't be a dick, just don't.

That is just what I had in mind for quite some time to tell you, which I am sure you already know, but just in case, you should hear this as much as its humanly possible.

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