nedelja, 01. april 2018


These girls. I could tell you so much about each one, but I would love to just tell you how each is incredibly real and funny. Those are the girls from the best time of my life, we met at work.

Work - not really a place to have fun or have the best time of your life, well not to us. We had so much fun together I cried like a little baby when I had to leave (because I moved to Koper to study). Not sure how we even got so close. It just kinda randomly happened. One day we were stuck in the same room and we had to do this same jobs and we got bored and I feel like it took less than a day for us to get to know eachother to the point when I can say I KNOW TOO MUCH haha.

They are funny. We had to spend a lot of hours a day together and I can surely say that NO ONE in the world can make me cry so hardcore that I would cry for hours. Even when I would remember jokes someone made I would just laugh so hardcore at home. Work became some sort of fun time, I couldn't wait to go back and I couldn't wait to see them. So, because we enjoyed it, we became good at it. I am sure that we are all really good at it. We had eachother's backs and whenever someone would fuck something up, we all teamed up to fix a problem.

I mean, to be real here - this Summer I can't wait to go back (if they will have me).

When me and Tjaša made another group and asked if they are down for coffee, legit everyone said yes immediately and we met. It was that simple. That's why women rule the world I think.

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