ponedeljek, 14. maj 2018


It all just sort of happened. We decided to go for a hiking trip, which I never do, because of my illness and the first place we visited was one of my favourite places in Slovenia - Martuljški slapovi. I can't walk and because of it we try not to put pressure on me, but let me tell you - it was amazing! 100 % worth it despite the pain. Let me show you some of the photos I took unfiltered.

Then we decided to visit Zelenci and Lake Jasna and took some photos that I really really really like. Sometimes we find magic in most unexpected places and I live for magic. I have always wanted to visit Zelenci, it was my number 1 destination I wanted to visit. My friends visited them multiple times without me, my family visted it without me, even my boyfriend. Everyone I know really haha.

Then we went to see traditional Slovenina bonfire. It was the last day of April/1st day of May. I always celebrated it in Mengeš or Dobeno and sometimes both. It's tradition. I met quite some important people there, and now I get to be there with Nejc, it reminds me of all the great years I had and all the amazing people that I had in my life, no matter if we still hang out of not.

My boyfriend is such a cuttie. Then we went to Velika Planina, it was fun. I hate to walk but it wasn't really hardcore walking, so I am not allowed to complain and I won't. It was beautiful, there was snow and sunshine and so many purple flowers, it was amazing.

We also visited Mengeški bajer aka Cegvenca, but we couldn' take any pictures.
Here you go. 6 destinations 3 days. 
Life is good.

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