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What a rollercoaster has been for me and all my surroundings. So many tears of sadness and joy and stress and just everything being too much for me all at once. What I am about to tell you now is a top secret mission and I am currently juggling my whole existence into making it happen.

I have been preparing all year for a new puppy aka I moved out and got my own place just to think it is not going to happen for me in the end. But let me explain it to you from the beginning.

On May 22nd in 2012 I wrote my first Fire Meet Gasoline blog post (at the time it was just called Eva Premk Monroe) and this is what I wrote:

This is a screenshot from that day.

I stated that I desperately want another dog (Toller) because that was my big wish. And for a really long period I have searched for a perfect Toller kennel, because they aren't really common and I wanted a perfect dog. Finally I found what I considered to be my dream come true, I wrote to this really sweet woman and we instantly clicked and she said that she is giving me her blessing and that I can take one of her future puppies. I was glowing. But life turned out so differently for me in a second.

Meeting new people played a big role here, because I met this BEYOND WORDS amazing dog and I made a realisation in my head that I want puppies from that dog. It is a Border Collie. So it was really hard for me to postpone my all time Toller dream and start a next chapter. I realised I have to go through a few steps in life if I wanted a puppy and I did: I moved out because my parents never supported me with my dog ambitions and for a really long time I thought they never will. And for a really long time I was sure I was getting my new puppy in May.

My wish was to make it a therapy dog, because I am at this point in life when I really want and need that and secondly I want to do agility or maybe even frisbee because I wanted an active dog and that is what I am getting. The problem is because I want to do everything at once, and I will have to compromise things for different periods of time. But to be honest, my vision was clear.
Moving out > puppy > working and being active > maybe have a litter of my own. Even the idea of herding got stuck with me and I am just gonna wait with what I want to do with my future dog to see what will be the best option when it is here.

Right now all I can do is wait and see if it will turn out good for us (me&nejc&thor&mango), but it looks like it will, so I can't help it but to prepare a little for that time. I can tell how good it will be for Thor, because Thor was never a solo player, but we had no other option until now and that makes me super excited.

Planning a puppy and actually getting one doesn't come easy for me. My number one saying was always: Yes, I wanted one desperately, but when I have the whole package meaning a place, money, time and mental state. And seriously, that took me long enough, especially with the place. But now I can have it the way I always wanted it, the right way. It wasn't a one day decision, it wasn't even just because I wanted it, it was precise, it took me most of my time, most of my energy. And to think it is happening, slowly, makes all of it worth it.

I can't know what the future holds for us. But it sure looks good.

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