ponedeljek, 16. julij 2018


ponedeljek, 16. julij 2018


It might sound weird, but orcas became my favourite animals and ever since I am trying really hard to save them. 

Imagine living in a small bathtub for... well, forever. That is a whole existence of captive orcas. 

There are many different informations about the number of captive orcas, but the number is horribly high. Let me just simply put it like this:

- orcas are super social. They live in groups/families and they never separate in their life. They have a special part of brain that people just don't - the emotional social inseparable need for one another. They hunt for food together, they help give birth to mama orcas, they look out for one another. If you separate pod from the mom, they get seriously depressed. It is not like okay they will forget of one another, they get so depressed they can die of it. When SeaWorld separates them, there are cases when the mother cried and screamed for her pod and didn't even move from the corner of a pool. It is a really emotional and horrible thing to see and it brakes my heart.
PLEASE WATCH THE VIDEO HERE AND LEARN AND GET ANGRY (from a documentary Blackfish) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dX69lP38pmQ

- they get so bored they chew walls from pool and hurt themselves. They get horrible diseases, they bite one another because they are from different families, there has been deaths because of it. There are cases where you can clearly see bites and blood and if that doesn't break you, I don't know what will.

- no space. They swim hundreds of kilometres per day, and in tanks they just simply cant.

- there has never been a single orca-on-human attack in the wild, but in captivity there has already been 4 human deaths from them. From pure frustration. 

- if you want to see a really good video, watch this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OmMv9t_hW8k and WATCH documentary called BLACKFISH, it will break your heart.

- when hunters catch baby orcas for entertainment, they slaughter other nearby orcas. How is this acceptable? 

How can you help:
1. don't visit parks with live whales. Don't give money to their organisation.
2. share your information. Learn more about this, talk to friends, tell this to your family members.
3. Tell SeaWorld are other parks you don't support this here: https://www.peta.org/action/how-to-help-orcas-in-60-seconds-seaworld/
4. protest.

Thank you for taking your time.
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