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Moondkissed Orca ♥

The time has come, holla 'migos, I am back and more driven than ever. In the meantime when I was away, I got a puppy and I had to put all my energy and my existence to this dog because well, that is me and that is this dog. Life is good. Life is perfect. Actually, it couldn't be better. We are all so happy.

Here she is, my sweet little princess. The one creature I waited so long for and she is more perfect I ever imagined she would be.

This is Orca. She is a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever and she is 2 months old and she was the green girl from the most stunning litter I have ever seen. She has 5 siblings and two amazing breeders that I will never be able to thank enough.

Clearly we have to start at the beginning, so let's start with the fact that I knew which puppy I wanted, because I waited for it to be born for more than a year, but it didn't turn out the way I wanted it. SO much unnecessary drama, SO much anger and SO much bullshit... not what a puppy owner ever wants to experience. The last minute we had to cancel a BC. The best decision of my life. At the time I didn't feel like that, I was down and angry with people who made this experience a living hell for me and you could say I was the definition of a wreck. I blocked a bunch of fake friends and went back to work because I wanted a puppy eventually and I wanted it to be my perfect puppy, not just because it is the first puppy I see.

If it was not meant to be it was not meant to be, but it was. Because the next day I talked to Orca's breeder just to let her know I loved her work, because I was impressed with what an amazing litter she had, nothing more. The next week we already scheduled a puppy visit. And that is how I met Orca and fell in love with her and decided I wanted THIS dog. We decided not to choose puppies, but let the breeder choose it for us, so we could get the perfect dog based on character, not looks. And somehow the breeder chose Orca for us, it was unbelievable, I remember I was shedding happy tears and jumping up and down. We went for another puppy visit and then it was time to count the days she was going to be, officialy, ours. I was restless, couldn't sleep and was... I believe the term is obsessively nesting.

She was the first one to go and I was so excited to get her. So now is the perfect time to tell you that life kicks you around sometimes, it is unpredictable but somehow in the end everything turns out to be okay. Orca is the smallest puppy from the litter, which makes her the most adorable; she was picked to carry green color, which is my favourite color; she has the biggest heart, but doesn't open up to everybody right away, same as me; she was born on a full moon and I love moon; she has been named after her mother Ora, and orcas are my favourite animals. So if you don't think it was meant to be, you are wrong. She is perfect.

For the first week, it was tough, because mommy and daddy (me&Nejc) didn't get any rest. We were so exhausted and after a week at being home 24/7 it was time to go to work. After work we would spend every minute with them and crate train her and just take her everywhere. Obviously she has flaws, but to me and Nejc she is a gem. Thor loves her, but sometimes he finds her annoying haha, because she can be to him. But other than that no dog in the world ever is better or more suitable for us (except for Thor). She is so fearless, so cute, brave and funny. Not to mention she is super playful and just crazy. In all together, we got lucky, because you can't blame this on anything else but faith and luck.

My family helps so much and I wouldn't be able to get Orca if it wasn't for them. But mostly Nejc, my rock. Btw, Orca is such a daddy's girl, it is insane. She is not just my dog, its our dog and I will never claim her as only my dog, because the way Nejc is with her and me, it would warm your heart. NEVER EVER DID I OR WILL I LOVE ANYONE HALF AS MUCH AS YOU AND THAT IS A PROMISE.
Also, the breeders, will never be able to thank them enough for everything they thought me, and for trusting me and just being the best people. Not enough words to describe how lucky we are that Orca had such an amazing people in her life already before us. It makes it all worth it.

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