sreda, 10. oktober 2018


Hello everybody!

Let's go straight to the point. I am a witch.
On Sunday I watched a really funny stand up comedy show on Netflix called Ali Wong: Hard Knock Wife (I recommend it to all you beautiful dirty bastards like myself) and I laughed so hard, I cried actual tears. Sounds really cool, but some jokes were really so dirty and raw I was crying for the whole hour. I mean, she is the funniest person I have ever seen in my life. SO, because I was laughing so hard, I started bleeding from my eyeball. Super hot, I know. But supposedly I broke my eye vessel.
And some people find me super interesting and badass, but other people are actually afraid of me (my dream come true) and I would just like to say: Imma witch now. Come on, I look out of this world witchy, I have light blue eyes, brown curly hair and blood in my eyes. I just need a black cat and black coat. Thats not a problem for me, I like cats, I like to spook people. Its perfect. And its OCTOBER. Couldn't my eye vessel just wait for like three weeks until Halloween. That would be badass, just saying.
One more incident I had while having creepy eye. Someone actually stopped me at my Uni and asked me if I am aware of my bloody eyeball. So yes, I'm making friends with this thing. It is a win win situation. I hope this blood never goes away, because it is making me look like a sexy beast.
And also, I always like to say that introverts, like me, don't get friends, they get adopted by extroverts. With this creepy eye, I am more noticeable and more extroverts liked. Thank you Jesus. Or is it Satan... now that I am a witch?

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