četrtek, 04. oktober 2018

Parallel worlds colliding

It is officially Fall. Or Autumn. 

There is a special excitement in the air when Autumn starts. It means that I will finally be moving back to the seaside and I will go back to University. But I will also light some really delicious-smelling candles and enjoy my cozy brown scarves. It is just the best time of the year, if you ask me.

At the very beginning, on my very first day of being back at Uni, I had an epiphany. We were discussing with the Professor the topic of writing. What makes an individual a good writer? Are you born with the ability of being a talented writer or do you grow into one if you put enough energy and practice into it? Do all good writers read? And I came to the conclusion that you can be good at many different things if you have a lot parallel worlds.

Parallel worlds are different interests of a certain individual, who is passionate about more than one certain thing.

Let's take me, for example. One day I aspire to write something that means something to someone. But at the same time I want to always include my dogs and photography and blogging into it. It makes me happy and if I include all those parallels into my life, I think I can truly make something big.

My Professor said: ''Nothing matters, if you don't do other things, besides school.'' In my case, he was trying to point out that I should read and practice more, if I want to write something good. Yes, my style and vocabulary has improved since 2012, but can I write something more significant than someone who studies Geography can? I still don't think I can. I am no where near ready, and I would really like to be. So, I officially decided to make this my 8-hours-a-day job. Not just blogging, but planning, taking photos, educating my dogs, editing and just thinking of ideas and hoping that I will be a bit closer to my goal.

And I wish that for you too. That you know what you want and even if you aren't near that goal, that you start doing something (besides school) that will get you closer to it. At least closer to the dream job of your life.

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