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What is written in my stars

Hello everybody!

If I am being completely honest, I never believed in astrology, stars and sign attractions. Obviously, I always like to read if me and my crush are match made in heaven, but other than that I was never really interested in it. So, for today's post I decided to sign up on this big and famous astrology site and put down all my informations and just read it and go through what it says and I will tell you if I agree or not agree.


The Sun represents vitality, a sense of individuality and outward-shining creative energy. I agree to some extent, because I do have that creative vibe, but I am not very individual.

Taurus natives are sensual folk--and this includes sex, but extends to pleasures in all areas: they delight in the sensual pleasures of food, a comfortable blanket, a richly colored aquarium to look at, the smell of flowers or spring rain, pleasing melodies coming from their stereos, and so forth. Some might even say they live through their senses more than most. 100 % accurate.

The possessiveness associated with Taurus shows up in all areas of life in some way. Taurus likes to own things (and sometimes people). A nice home, a piece of land (this can be modest), a paid-off car, that aquarium mentioned earlier, a couple pets, maybe a solid business...In love and relationship, there is an earthy kind of possessiveness that may be considered jealousy by some, but there is actually quite a difference between being possessive and being jealous. Taurus natives are rarely jealous and petty. They do, however, think of the people they love as theirs--it adds to their sense of security. As horrible as that sounds, that is me. I always like to own boyfriends. They can only live for me and no one else haha, sounds so clingy, but if I know that they feel the same way I give them more space than normal people. But I just have to be reassured that they are mine. And I like pets, obviously. 

She is strong-willed. She has charm, and is tolerant and stoical. She likes pleasure and the good things in life. Appreciates the Arts. That's me, yes.

Weaknesses: obstinacy, laziness. She can be materialistic. Yes, I am lazy, but I consider myself as the opposite of materialistic. I can promise you that I am not.

Your compassion sets you apart from others, but try to work with it rather than let your compassion work against you by reinforcing your own sense of loneliness. What a good advice, for real, that is so me.

Likes to throw herself into the unknown and into adventure: she is agile, tough and enthusiastic. Attracted to long voyages, to discover the unknown. YEEEES! Audacious, bold and rebellious. Unable to stay in one place, is always ready to risk everything to achieve her goal. It almost seems like my mom is describing me.

Marriage is very important for her, for better or for worse. Cannot stand being alone. Likes business relationships, especially partnerships. This might sound stupid, but I really want to get married one day. I want someone who will be like so over the moon with me that we will both just want to marry right away and be together forever. And when we will be old we will laugh about how crazy we were.

Weaknesses: stubborn, obstinate, withdrawn. Slow to react. HAHAHA, stubborn is pretty accurate and I am kinda slow to react.

She has difficulty expressing herself, especially when young. Does not talk much, she does not speak for the sake of it. She works in remote and quiet places. She is discrete and philosophical. NO! Quiet is difficult for me and I am too dumb to be philosophical, but I do tend to make my own philosophies. A lot.

She can put down in writing everything that her imagination and intuition dictates. I always loved that about myself, but usually when I write something personal, I can't share it with anyone.

She may be impatient. She likes contradiction. Her arguments are noisy and animated. Hell yes. I can be very aggressive with my opinions and I like to impose others with my ideas. 

You will find yourself attracted by the occult and other mysteries but it is recommended that you avoid those subjects because they can generate certain fixations or obsessiveness. I am scared of how true this is. I will probably just write a single post about this.

She has big emotional highs. Either I have big highs or lows. Nothing in between.

She is full of contradictions. She is original, tending to the eccentric, violent, headstrong, impatient and irascible. She fights to the bitter end to overcome hurdles, and has the strength to overcome them. That's me. Quiet is violent.

She is interested in the occult. She can work in a field associated with death e.g. as a funeral director. Marriage can help financially, the spouse having money. HAHAHHAHA OH MY, I JUST DIED. If I were to see a dead body I would probably collapse. But I have a really curious personality and I probably feel what most people don't feel. I have a crush on almost everyone I meet, but then it fades away. HAHAH love the money part.

Interested in humanity. She is highly intellectual. She travels a lot. Her mind is always alert, even when sleeping, during which time she often resolves the problems of the previous day. People never believe me when I tell them I've always know how to lucid dream. And my eyes look very alert.

She cannot live a peaceful love life. She will have lots of adventures, lots of love-at-first-sights which will lead her into dangerous territory, will complicate and even perhaps poison her life. Good to know.

Love dominates her life. She could lose her head over someone to whom there's an intense attraction, which can become troublesome, because she loses all idea of reality. If she is not loved in return, so what - she will love for the two of them. With time, if the loved one loses patience, she will have difficulty disentangling herself and she can suffer enormously. It's best to look to a trusted outside source for guidance in vulnerable times. How accurate is this?! Sometimes when I read things like that and relate, I feel like the worst human ever, but I feel like that with every relationship I've ever and I loved for the both of us. And I always get crazy ideas and I lose the idea of reality. Sad, really.

I left out some sexy stuff, just because the majority of my readers are still underage. I thought this was going to be really fun, but I feel kind of down and all depresso. How can this be so accurate? I have no idea. It is like somebody that knows me wrote this text. Is this me? Is this my life? Well, I hope you enjoyed this, I certainly haven't. 

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