sreda, 14. november 2018

The advice/criticism I received from my ex boyfriends/friends

Don't think too much into it and don't make this a game of guessing names. I just thought of this as a really fun and entertaining content while I go down the memory lane. 

1. "You should always think of yourself first. School should be more important to you than anything else."

2. "You're not really sad, you are just bored."

3. "Maybe if you wouldn't be so complicated you could see how simple this really is."

4. "The problem is that you are just the kind of girl that will go on loving somebody else, but really you should be here fixing the mess you've made."

5. "Stop thinking so much of the past."

6. "Can you please just start listening to happier songs and stop obsessing over fandoms. We all know you are not going to marry a 56-year-old who is already married to someone else."

7. "You shouldn't pout so much, it is not a good look for you."

8. "One tortoise is enough, we don't need so many."

9. "Stop using the heather so much, it is hot already." (every boyfriend ever)

10. "You're annoying when you are irritated and when you ignore me."

11. "Stop being a sore looser."

12. "I don't think dogs are for you. You can't own a dog if you are sick and be good at it."

13. "Stop fucking biting your nails, disgusting!"

14. "If I am going to watch that movie (eva's favourite) one more time, I will go psycho. You better not test me hehe."

15. "You should listen to your mother more."

16. "You can't have two favourite numbers - 3 & 7."

17. "You don't listen to rap if you only listen to three basic rappers."

18. "One Direction infection is not a real thing."

19. "I think it would be better if you would stop telling people your dog is your baby, because they always take it the wrong way."

20. "I totally see you as a police-woman one day. Everything can't be fair in life."

21. "Stop hating on your name, its nice."

22. "Let's run away together when we will be 18 and never come back, it is going to be so much better." (still holding onto that)

23. "If you feel like you need to do something just do it. If you have to tell somebody something do it asap."

24. "Your heart is not really broken right now, you will find someone better and then you can go on telling people your heart got broken. But this is definitely not it."

25. "Give your dad another chance."

26. "You won't be happy until your house is full of animals, is that actually what you're saying right now!? *pause* Okay, I agree. You won't be happy until your house is full of animals. You just need someone richer than me that has a house already."

27. "Stop talking in that annoying deep voice when you are pissed."

28. "You would make a great relationship therapist."

29. "If you name your future kid Summer everyone will hate it."

30. "Stop blogging about me!" (huehuehue)

I clearly do what I want.

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