nedelja, 16. december 2018


We have been feeling super lucky and special when we got the news that we were chosen to test out a new dog brand and soon enough Eko brlog will sent us a few product from a brand known as Beco Pets. The product we got were impressive. My dogs immediately chose which toy will be Thor's and which will belong to Orca. The one thing that stood out from all others, that even I was really excited about was BECO RUBBER HOOP ON A ROPE.

It is a toy that is made of natural rubber and natural cotton and it is perfect for a game of tug. Orca has many toys. More than she needs, but this toy has a very special meaning, because we use it for her training session in puppy school. It doesn't squeek and it has a perfect grip for owners and dogs, so it makes one on one game much easier and enjoyable. Sizing couldn't be more perfect and the fact that I can actually just put it on Orca's neck makes it much easier to carry it around and it looks cute as heck for taking photos. #doitforthegram. I wasn't expecting it to be this durable, but so far there is not a single teeth mark on it and we have been using it for almost two months on a daily basis. If it survived my dog's baby teeth than I am pretty sure it can survive a volcano-cunamy-sand storm-anything kind of situations. making it smell like a vanilla was probably the ultimate mistake, because now every time before I start playing with her I need my five second sniffing it.

Orca loves it. Whenever I just show her the toy she automatically connects it to play time and starts running around in circles. Because she is a retriever and her favourite toy is ball, I was afraid that she was not going to adopt this toy and like other toys more. But that was not at all the case. If I put 10 different toys on the ground for her to pick one, this is the one she will chose. And it is the one I would chose. I can't praise it enough to my friends and family.

I am not payed to write this and I would just like to say that this is, 100 %, my honest opinion. So, if you are interested in this amazing toy, you can buy it here:

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