sobota, 15. december 2018

My dogs wear clothes more expensive than my clothes.

On the other hand, they also eat more expensive and better food than I do. But let's get there. Let me explain it to you why it is so important that they have that, because it seems to me that you don't understand.

This is Orca. Her coat was 74,90 euros. For 2 kg of her food I give around 14 - 23 euros. I also buy her meat/bones and other supplements at lest two times per week. And now multiply that, because I also have a dog named Thor. And a bunny, but luckily he is vegan.

"Dogs don't need clothes, they have a coat already."
My dogs are no wolves. They live with me in my apartment and I never even considered having them outside. I got them because I love dogs, they are my whole life and I work with them and spend a lot of time with them. You would have to be insane to get them outside chained or outside in a crate. That is just my personal opinion and I don't care if your dog is long coated and you think it belongs outside, I does not. When I feel like my dogs need to go out I either take them for a walk with a leash or I take them somewhere far away from people and let them roam. I also have a backyard. Knowing that my dogs live inside with me, can connect you to a though that they live feeling the same temperature as me. I am also very picky when it comes to temperature in my apartment, I have arthritis, I like it warm. And when I go out, when there is cold, I am cold. Logical isn't it? So, why is it so impossible to believe that when my dogs go out when its cold, they are won't believe this... cold.

"Why do you need dog ''clothes''?!"
They need any protection they can't get. Yes, they have fur. Orca is also getting her long coat. But it is definitely not enough. Because if I see my dogs shaking outside, it gives me an intuition that they need warmth. So, with each dog I decided to buy them a coat, for when I take them out. Orca here, is rocking her Extreme Warmer by Hurtta and Thor actually has a coat that my mom made for him. He also has a jacket. And a heath protecting shirt. And a lifeguard swimming vest that costed almost 100 euros. He is just that extra. And most importantly... he needs it. Yes, he would survive without it, because I always make sure he is not exposed to extreme situations. But for that extra opportunities when I like to push it a little, like spending a lot of time in the water, or having to spend time outside in the summer or winter, those dog products are life savers.

"But Eva, why don't you buy something cheaper?!"
The answer is very simple. I buy something that I really love and know for sure it is good and I know I won't have to buy another one next year. Take it as an investment. One coat for many years sounds better to me, than one coat per year that is not even that good of a quality. I put a lot of time into deciding and researching what to buy, because I am a student without a regular job with two dogs, one bunny and one very hungry roommate, so I can't just throw money away.

"I still think it is a waste of money."
My dogs are my life. I am not comparing them to human babies, but I don't have a human child, so my dogs mean more to me than human babies. And when I will have a human baby I will probably love my dogs equaly as that baby, you can take it as a sad fact, but that is just my life. And I call money spent on my dogs well spent money. If you would take your child out poorly dressed in the middle of a winter it would be called child abuse. There are people that leave their dogs outside being cold and alone and people that don't even care how their pets feel when being outside. I call them abusers, because you chose to have an animal, no one forced you to have it, it is your responsibility. To me it makes no difference. Both dogs and baby humans can't do anything about it. Both are alive. Both feel the same things. So if there are child rights advocates out there, take me as an animals advocate. Some think it's a waste of money. I think talking to people that think that is a waste of time.

Either way, you are allowed to have different opinions, but judging people that spend money on dog coats and dog gear is equal as not letting them have an opinion. Why do you care how others spend their money. Why is it so important for you to judge others. I don't judge you when you buy things I would never buy. Because honestly I don't care. Why do you?

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