nedelja, 27. januar 2019

I chased pigeons in Trieste

One thing we promised to eachother this year is to travel more. Save some money in a travel jar and go places with dogs. And this month we went to Trieste.

In the morning we went to the store and bought some store food and had breakfast. Then we got on a morning bus to Trieste, Italy. We didn't plan anything major, we just wanted to have a good time and had some bucket places we wanted to see.

We visited st. Just cathedral.
It is a good place to stop and take some silly pictures with Lensball. If I am completely honest I chased two pigeons with it. I've been taking some random things with it. It gives me so much inspiration of what to shoot and how and I love that. I never thought of my pictures to be special enough to post them, but I do take photos with precision and a vision in my head and that is good enough. Even Nejc gave it a go and we really had fun.

Of course we were also taking photos by the main square. But then we visited Aquarium. And I came as close to my deepest fear as I ever will. I met a shark. I met a few actually. There is also a Vivarium and we met some lovely snakes, I normally am not a fan of them, but heck, they looked friendly.

This is my face of excitement and adrenaline. I really am scared of sea beasts and I would rather see them from a safe distance or not at all. I named my dog after one of the biggest sea apex predators in the world, but I am really afraid of them. Never ever ever I want to see them in person, if its not in a 30m tall boat.

There were many snakes and me and nejc were talking which one looks the friendliest and I picked this one. Turns out it is the only venomous snake they have there.

Overall, I loved this whole day. It is always good when we are together. But I swear to god we talked about Thor and Orca all the time and how much we miss them and would be so great if they were with us. We even bought them snacks. Love you Nejc, u bloody legend! To many more adventures with you!

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