sobota, 19. januar 2019

The ocean rolls us away, away, away

We lived in the big city, small town, by the lake, near mountains but nothing ever compares to living near the ocean.

When it is Summer, people don't live in houses anymore, everyone is by the beach as soon as the sun shows up and stay there until it is dark again. It is a lifestyle. Last year I actually got tan so strong it still shows. It is funny because we have finals in school, but not even the teachers care much, because the vibe changes. Everyone gets so happy and it is impossible to get stressed. I love that so much.

But in Winter, oh wow, it gets so pretty. It almost never snows and the temperature almost never drops below 0. The ocean gets this beautiful dark turquoise color and the wind is blowing. People disappear and streets are almost empty-like. You can see snow from not so far away and it gives you this cosy feeling that you need to make some tea and spend a lot of time with friends and in my case dogs watching movies and planning long Summer days.

It doesn't get better than this. I spend approximately 3/4 of my year here and whenever I leave just for a day or two I get anxiety sick. When I am standing in the capital city, I once called my home, I feel completely alone. It makes you realise that there aren't many places like this in the world and I got so lucky nobody let me rent a house with dogs anywhere else.

I will never be able to escape the past, because it catches up on me whenever I leave this place. But ever since we moved I have been really stress-free. It shows on my arthritis and it shows on my mood and goals and productivity. I have big plans for 2019. Fingers crossed.

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