petek, 25. januar 2019

Two thousand and nineteen

This is it, this is the year to change. This year we are going places, seeing what we always wanted to see and do what we wanted to do years ago but were too lazy.

In the past 25 days I changed so much in my life and I don't know why, because beside that 18 turning to 19 nothing changed, but something inside me did. Feathers are meant for the skies. But I7r rather be causing a chaos. This is what I decided:

- tomorrow, 26th of January, me and Nejc, my boyfriend (not only my roommate) are visiting Trieste. Like proper tourists (even if it is only 30 minutes away from where we live) and we are visiting aquarium and getting lost looking for saint Just. We are taking camera and taking pictures of every unimportant thing and turning it into a memory.

- we are going camping in Summer. With dogs and a tent and try to make it to some high mountain tops. We are going to have such a fun time, when I think about it I get shivers.

- I am creating my own free Lightroom presets for you and I am so excited about that, because I am working really hard on them to make them perfect.

- no matter what, I will make photography my school project and I will get someone to take me in and teach me how to do it and recruit me if you will.

- jobs, jobs, and jobs, because money, money, and money.

- i will be buying a new lens.

- and new hiking boots.

- and backpacks for dogs.

- and we are traveling with friends soon, so I am pretty pumped about that!

- taking useless but pretty sunset photos forever.

- this year, my arthritis can go suck it!

- hello yoga.

- can't wait for Mantrailing.

This is all the main things happening to me and dogs this year. Casual, but who is planning hehe... not me. I am super casual. We also applied for Hurtta adventurers and that makes me have chills in my whole body, because it is Hurtta and that would be a dream come true and we would have yet another reason to seek for perfect places and adventure even more. Just trying to give my dogs the best life possible. My little adventure pups. Nothing will ever mean as much as they do. My small pack.

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